Dirty Me/Oh god, I can't believe I am going to do it again

From Create Your Own Story

After your experience with the last Glory Hole, you avoid parks, avoid anything that might even have a Glory Hole, and on the whole decide it may not be worth trying.

It takes a couple of months, but the fantasy slowly creeps back in. This time though, you decide to investigate multiple rumored places, and see the type of environment these places have.

You finally find one that actually does have people, albeit rarely. It is not full of bums, whores, and meth producers. It seems the only people who ever go there, either for inserting a penis into a slot or servicing a penis entered into a slot, were guys, but the good part is, it seems that it is pretty anonymous.

You watch for a couple weeks how it operates, and once you feel comfortable that there is no chance of a repeat of your last attempt, you nerve yourself to give it a try.

You remove your nail polish and dress in jeans and a T-shirt. You know there was no mistaking the fact that you are a girl, but you hope that you can slip in while no one is around and give it a whirl without some outcry of "Straight girl, lynch her". You have an odd imagination...

You wait until no one is around and go into the building. While it is "officially" a public restroom, it does not seem to have the normal odors that you have come to expect from a public restroom. It smells of pee of course, but not as strong, as if it is washed more often. It also has less graffiti on the walls, with less vulgarity in the few writings. It seems you have hit the jackpot. This seemed to be an honest to goodness place for guys to experiment in complete anonymity.

Now, you know about when people come, if anyone comes, so you expect to wait. You take off your pants and slide your hand under the waistband of your panties. Down, down, down. You tease my clit and slip your fingers inside, forgetting for a couple minutes where you are and moaning out loud. You have no chance to finish to climax because once you realize what you are doing, and where you are, I realize a female might not be overly welcome here. Guess there will be no "bend over and shove the penis into your pussy" moments from all those glory hole porns. You imagine the guy on the other side will be able to tell the difference between a pussy, ass, mouth and hand.

After spending over two hours sitting in that stall, with the sun already set, you begin to think you picked a bad night. Maybe no one else would come in.

Getting impatient and bored, you think about leaving over and over again.

Just 5 more minutes

10 minutes then I am giving up

If I leave now, someone will probably come in right after

It is a little over 2 and a half hours after you got in before someone finally shows up.

You hear him enter the next stall. Worried that he might stick his finger through the hole first, which would be awkward due to you not having a penis, you stick yours in the hole and wiggled it around.

You can hear him undoing his belt buckle, then unzipping his pants, until you finally hear his pants hit the floor. He does not say a word the entire time, just proceeds to put his penis into the hole.

Finally, you can complete this fantasy.

You stare at it for a while. He is uncut, which, while it feels wonderful down below, is something that you have always avoided putting in your mouth. However, you do not want to spend forever waiting around for someone else, or getting the wrong "someone else" again, so you decide you would go for it.

You can see he is starting to shrink, probably because nothing is happening and his lust is ebbing, so you decide it is time to start.

You pull back his foreskin and start rubbing your finger around his head, around and around, very lightly. That gets some reaction! Without the foreskin, his head is absolutely gorgeous.

Moving your finger up, you run it along the length of the shaft and bring my mouth right next to his penis, at first blowing lightly on his now partially hidden head, all the while continuing to run your finger over first the top, then the bottom of his shaft.

Your tongue flicks out, licking his pee hole very lightly with the very tip, then back into your mouth.

Licking you lips, I wait for a few more seconds, then press the tip of your tongue harder against his pee hole. His shaft is now as hard as a rock.

Deciding that maybe it is time to do less teasing and more pleasing before he starts to get suspicious or just decides to leave, you wrap your fingers around his shaft and put your mouth over his head, pushing back his foreskin with your lips tight around him.

Swirling your tongue around his head and running it up and down his pee hole awards me with a little pre-cum. Now you start sucking him harder, trying to turn that little bit of pre-cum into a full, milky faucet. Trying to suck the cum out of his scrotum. You want to suck it all out, treat him like a straw with delicious, milky white chocolate just waiting for you to get it out.

You start pulling his shaft more forcefully, moving your mouth up and down his head and shaft in rhythm with movements of your hand. After a couple of minutes of this, he explodes, right into your mouth. You jerk back in surprise, then smile, licking your lips and swallowing the hot, delicious white chocolate you finally got out of his bottle.

His penis disappears and you think you are all done. How delicious this ended up being. You want to play with yourself then and there, replaying it in your mind. You are so wet you wonder if he will be able to smell your sex from his stall.

Suddenly, you see his finger poke through the hole! O shit, o shit. You don't have a penis to stick through!

You panic and, throwing back the stall lock, run all the way to your car, hoping he won't pop out and see this half naked girl running away. Well, you will never know. You never look back, and no one ran or shouted after you. You drive all the way home without anything covering your lower body.

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