Dirty Me/I hope you aren't disappointed, and that they won't take it out on you

From Create Your Own Story

"I hope you aren't disappointed," you tell him, trying to give him your saddest look.

"No, it is okay," he responds. You can tell by the look on his face that, rather than being disappointed, he actually looks sort of relieved. "I like having you all to myself."

The way he says it sends a shiver up your spine. He has mentioned his feelings for you before. He has even tried bring up the subject of marriage. While he is sweet and gentle, and will do almost anything to make you happy, marrying him? Being stuck with someone as old as your father, for the rest of your life? Eww.

He disappears downstairs, eventually coming back up alone.

"I told them it was canceled," he tells you. The look in his eyes says at least some weren't at all happy about the choice.

"I will make it up to you," you whisper in his ear as you wrap your arms around his neck, still wearing absolutely nothing. "I wonder how I can make it up to you?"

His lips come down on yours, giving you a deep, probing kiss. He pulls back slightly, and responds with, "I think we can find a way."

Grasping his hand and tugging him along, you pull him out onto the balcony.

"Lets give everyone a show," you reply, teasing slightly, as your skin pebbles slightly, the cold night air caressing your naked body.

You grasp the rail around the balcony, spreading your legs slightly, and watch the city lights glitter and sparkle below. You expect him to start immediately, but instead his warm body presses against your back. His hands wrap around your torso, running along the curve of your breasts. Hands cupping each breast, his middle finger flicks each nipple as he nuzzles against your neck. Your eyes close, enjoying the sensations, as he continues playing. One hand leaves your breast, and your eyes pop open as it covers your pussy, his fingers working their way inside. The city lights below you are lost as you focus inward, feeling the things his fingers are doing to you, working their way in and out, stroking along the length of your opening. Finding and teasing your clit.

You buck slightly in his arms at his contact with your clit. He chuckles, then starts working it. Your body tingles as he continues, your clit throbbing, as he pushes it harder, then tries to grasp it between his fingers.

You spin in his arms, letting his eyes feast on your nudity. His mouth comes down, sucking in a nipple, teeth lightly grazing the surface. Spreading your legs wider, you pull his hand down, pressing it against your pussy, wanting him to continue.

Instead of complying, kneels down, kissing your very light fur, just a thin strip of pubes, the rest shaven clean.

His head is craned at an awkward angle, trying to get access to your pussy. You realize this isn't going to work well, and you have to try a different position.

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