DBA/ engage him in close combat with your staff.

From Create Your Own Story

You pull out your staff.

"Suck on this!"

After a flurry of hits on both parts, and jump back and the result is..

Your HP:142 Alien's HP: 85

The alien laughs and starts to talk. "You're very strong, boy. By the way, I'm Ginyu. Sorry..But I gotta end this!

He charges a huge ball of energy and throws it right at you!!


Equipment= Bo Staff, Mako Soup (3), Saiyan Power Capsule, clothes, scouter

Status: Gold Form
HP: 35-->150-->142
Ki: 15--->500--->480
Level: 5
Power Level: 40-->1500


Weak Ki Blast: 2 Ki
Demon Fang: 2 Ki
Tauzer Ball: 20 Ki
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