Beg her to reconsider, tell her you'll do anything!

From Create Your Own Story

After a long pause, Molly sits opposite you. "You'll do anything?"

You tell her again. You swear you'll do whatever it takes for her to forgive you.

"Fine. I have three conditions. Firstly, since you can't get a job, forget it. You'll be in charge of the house and you'll be keeping things tidy. I'm fed up with coming home from a real job and having to clean up after you and cook my dinner and yours!"

You nod your head. Seems fair, after all.

"Secondly. You'll have your dick in that."

She points to Gemma, who is holding a silver chastity device with a pink padlock.

"Since I can't trust you to behave, I'm taking control. I will have the only key. Let's see you fuck someone with that on."

Gemma tosses the device onto your lap.

"Thirdly, you need a punishment. Strip, get on your knees, and apologise to me for everything you've done and promise you'll do everything I tell you from now on."

You stare at her, dumbfounded, the chastity cage still in your hands.

She raises an eyebrow, "well?"

You do as she says

Tell her this is too much

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