Arya's Training in Braavos

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It was bigger than she had been expecting. It wasn't huge, fully erect it was about 8 inches. However, as she stared at Jaqen H'ghar's cock, she couldn't help but be impressed.

"What is your name?" Jaquen asked, circling his student, naked as the day he was born. The student was similarly naked, her nipples hardening in the cold subterranean air.

"A girl has no name," the student replied. She made no move to hide her body, knowing full well the consequences of her actions.

"To truly be no one, a girl must be able to pleasure anyone." As he said this, he ran his hand along her ass, squeezing and pinching the taut flesh.

"A girl has been training." For weeks, the girl had been selling her body on the street, fucking strangers for coppers. All so she could become a faceless man, the perfect assassin.

"Then prove it," Jaqen ordered, lying down on a small cot he had set up. The girl didn't hesitate, approaching her teacher slowly, swaying her hips and pushing out her breasts. The girl knew how to please men. She had learned the art a long time ago, in another life.

"I bet you've waited a long time for this," the girl purred, kneeling down in front of her master. "I've seen the way you look at me, know the things you want to do to me." She had learned how to talk dirty from her time as a beggar. She found it made her clients finish quicker, allowing her to serve more people in less time.

Jaqen made no attempt to respond, his stone cold demeanor typical of the judgmental mentor. This did nothing to dissuade the student, though. Slowly, she lowered herself onto his thick shaft, inch after inch disappearing into her wet hole. A girl could not contain her moan, beginning to bounce on his cock. She cast her eyes upward, noticing the thousands of faces adorning the walls. They were all watching her, examining her body, and she loved it.

"A girl mustn't get distracted," Jaqen said, but the voice was not his. Looking down, she saw with horror that it was now Sandor Clegane fucking her, the scarred face recognizable by anyone. The girl stopped moving in shock. A name came rushing back to her, the name Arya Stark. Arya Stark remembered the Hound. He had raped her, raped her until Arya began to enjoy it, beg for it. Arya had left him to die.

"Well if your not gonna do it," The Hound growled, flipping Arya over. She was now on all fours, and grunted as her former captor began to pound into her. Doggystyle had been his preferred position, and soon Arya was pushing her ass back to meet his thrusts. She had missed this, the rough, animal-like fucking nobody but Clegane could provide. She no longer cared why he was here, and how he was still alive. She just wanted his cock.

Arya loved it so much she cried out in protest when she was flipped over again, now lying on her back. However, now the man above her was Syrio Forel, First Sword of Bravos. Syrio had taught her how to please men. He had made her the slut she was, and she was glad he was here now, alive. She wrapped her legs around his body, pulling him closer. Closing her eyes, Arya lost herself in the moment, quickly approaching her climax. She forgot about the faceless men, about Bravoos, about everything. All she wanted was Syrio's cock.

Opening her eyes, Arya saw the man who had taken her virginity staring down at her. Her half-brother. Jon Snow. This was more than Arya could take, practically screaming as she climaxed, squirting all over his dick. She came harder than she'd ever came before, and she loved it. Before she could even attempt to recover, she felt Jon pull out of her.

"A girl is still someone," Jon said, his voice that of Jaqen H'ghar. Pointing his cock at her face, he proceeded to cover the girl with his salty cum. Load after load covered the student, who desperately tried to catch all of it in her mouth. The name Arya Stark echoed in her head as she lapped up as much semen as possible.

"We will try again tomorrow," Jaqen said, his face once again that of her teacher. No further explanation was given before he walked away, disappearing into the darkness and leaving his student on the ground, covered in cum. She knew she wasn't no one, despite all her efforts. She was Arya Stark, and she always will be.


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