Amy asked, What John the Handyman?

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Jessica stood looking around as her class mates were decided what to with her and what sounded like her fate.

Amy put her hand in the air. We should ask John the if he'd like a shot?

John was an "overweight filthy bastard" as all the girls would say, he has a long black straggly beard coupled with long black hair, he has three missing teeth at the front and what teeth he has are brown practically black and parts missing.

Yes what a fantastic idea Amy agreed Mrs Beth, we could get John to do her now and we can come up with some other ideas later.

Jessica just wanted this nightmare to end now, but unfortunately what lay ahead was only the beginning.

John walked in and instantly gawking at all the naked girls he was beginning to strain against his jeans, Amy wasted no time in removing Johns clothes to revel his now erect penis with pre cum dripping from the tip, all the girls were disgusted by the look of Johns cock, it was dirty and had two warts around the head of his penis weeping a greenish yellow fluid and on his shaft close to his hairy balls.

Jessica found herself being dragged over to Mrs Beth's desk by her hair from Kohlf, the black girl took great delight in Jessica's whimpering and sobs as she had thrown her on the desk face first on the cold surface.

Mrs Beth grabbed Jessica's arms and spun her around on her back and fitted Velcro straps to each wrist and around the legs of the desk with chains as Kohlf roughly pulled at Jessica's legs.

Jessica lay spread on Mrs Beth's desk as John approached her from her side salivating and groaning with anticipation for Jessica's sweet tight looking pussy. Mmmm cunt John let out as he sighed using his left hand to grip hold of Jessica's left breast and using his right hand to caress the inner thigh on her left leg.

At first John was soft to the touch on Jessica's quivering body as though to put her at ease

It didn't and as she continued to whimper and keep her eyes closed to block out the torment of John stroking her body and nip her inner thigh his cock now bulging and red

John had Jessica's right nipple in between the gap in his teeth as his sucked hungrily on it

Jessica's eyes bolted open as she could feel johns breath on her neck and heat from his body on hers and the head of his penis pushing hard against her her clit. John spit a gob into his hand and slapped it across his now purple penis pushing harder and harder into Jessica's moistened pussy. Jessica was biting her bottom lip harder and harder as johns disgusting cock was getting deeper and deeper into her vagina.

I'm sorry I need to add more to this. This part may change and I do apologise

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