A young intern for a diplomatic advisor from the Lofquar system? (Het, NSFW)

From Create Your Own Story

Really, there’s nothing to a formal diplomatic dinner on the planet of Sturgio in the Lofquar system. You’ve been to dozens of these events before, and even though this is the first time you’ve specifically been here, accompanying Advisor Lospien and a dozen other members of your government, this can’t be any harder than the time you traveled to Sullust.

Except that it’s your birthday soon, and you really would rather be back home enjoying a relaxing time off from your work.

You never mean to get yourself in ‘situations.’ Anyway, that’s what you tell yourself before you lay eyes on the venerable ambassador of the sovereign planet of Naboo from the neighboring system. Before your eyes bug out of your head and you lean in close to your friend and fellow assistant Varma.

“They didn’t say he was young,” you hiss.

Varma grins back with all thirty-three sharp teeth. “Yeah? You expected some old codger like our own?”

You straighten up and glance at Advisor Lospien, an older, balding man in expensive clothes and in the process of lecturing the much younger Ambassador of Naboo on the merits of Sturgian wine. Varma knows she drives you crazy when she talks about your uncle like that, but then she always ribs you about getting the position thanks to family connections. You brush it off, then your eyes wander back to the object of your surprise.

To be honest, he might be young, but he isn’t drop dead attractive like other young political hopefuls who have undergone surgery to improve their looks. His nose is a little too large for his narrow face, and his eyes have a watery quality to them, almost a sad pensiveness. Still, the clear pale blue color of those eyes grabs your attention and hold it like little else does. And that hair…. Too bad it might create a diplomatic crisis to whistle appreciatively, because that glorious red hair hangs in soft curling locks to his shoulders, past the high collar of his layered Naboo robes. And under those robes he looks slim and trim, though maybe on the shorter side of things.

At that moment, he turns partly away from the older man and catches you looking, and the faint smile that turns one corner of his thin lips up sends a fluttering shock into your chest. Or maybe that’s the embarrassment of being caught staring. Or indigestion from dinner. Could be anything really, on this strange in-between planet.

“He’s looking at you,” Varma giggles softly and clutches your hand under the thick table.

For a moment, your brain can’t respond, but you have to make a decision.

Do you:

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