A particularly amorous girl decides to pay Rachel a night visit

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Rachel woke up to a pair of hands trying to sneak their way up her dress. She was very startled, which in her case means she staid completely still and unmoving, as a life of endless bullying had thaught her it was best.

"Took you long enough!" she thought, certain the other girls finally stopped prettending they could ever be friends and were now going to punish her for daring being alive.

First, she wanted to determine to number of her attackers to see if it was a good idea to remain still and take it or if she could plead her way out of it. Larger crowds usually were just amused and even encouraged by pleading while individuals were usually better dispossed to leave her alone if she used tears convincingly enough.

The pair of offending hands seemed to belong to a single person. They closed above her hips and gripped her underwear.

"So taking off my panties is step one," Rachel realized.

She just hoped they left her butt alone. She didn't understand why groups of girls insisted in inserting things in there for fun and above all she very much hated the fact that she didn't hate it. If they were gentle enough she actually didn't mind at all. Not that she would ever admit that... unless told to.

With her glasses off and the lights out, Rachel could only rely on her hearing and sense of touch to find out the information she needed. As her white panties were being pulled down she felt and heard nothing but one single, slow breathing. Could it be it was not a group, but a single girl? Rachel decided to risk it as she didn't want to find out how far this girl - she knew it was a girl as she had felt the hands touching her legs and hips as they were pulling her underwear down - was going to go in order to prank her.

"What are you doing?" Rachel finally decided to ask as her panties were now around her ankles.

"O-Oh! Sorry, did I wake you up?" a voice answered. Unless Rachel was mistaken this was Amy, a black-haired first year girl, her roommate. She also seemed to very doubtful about her actions, and even apologetic. Rachel could very much reason with someone like that.

"Um, what are you doing?" Rachel asked, trying to sound calm and confused instead of afraid.

"Oh... this? This, you see... Er, I... um. This, you mean?" Amy paused. "Stealing. I am stealing your... underwear. I barely have any of my own and you um, looked my size."

Rachel decided now to ignore that while Amy was a towering figure of 5'7", she herself was much shorter and thus it was very unlikely they were the same size on anything. All that mattered is how she was backing off. She even let go of Rachel's panties, albeit leaving there on just threading by a single ankle.

"Err... could you not? You know, steal my undies?" Rachel asked, very willing to let the situation go so long as Amy decided the same.

"Sure. I mean, I'm not going to now that you caught me, you know? S-sorry about that. It's very common from where I came from, you know? Girls stealing other girl's clothes and stuff. Didn't mean anything by it."

"O-oh. That's okay, I guess. You know? F-for a second there you looked like you were going to rape me.Ha, ha..." tried to joke Rachel to make light of the situation so they could hopefully forget the whole thing.

"W-what? No! Of course not!" Panicked Amy. "I... is that what it looked like? Oh, godness I'm so sorry... I wasn't, though! I, I just wanted to see your pussy, m-maybe touch it a little bit, you know? I-I don't mean to rape anyone, okay? I don't do stuff like that!"

Rachel was caught off-guard by Amy's unwanted attempt to defend herself. Amy was not done.

"I didn't want to force you or anything. Y-you're really cute, you know? I didn't want to creep you out or anything so I figured, 'hey, what's the harm of doing something real innocent while she sleeps', you know?"

A snore from one of the other girls cut the conversation. An awkward silence followed.

Rachel was very confused and had trouble making up her mind. Rachel wasn't going to prank her; she was still going to abuse her but it was because she found her attractive and not because she wanted to watch her squirm and cry. That was new. Until that point the most anyone had done to announce they found her attractive was boys asking another orphaned girl to hold her while others pulled up her skirt and down her undies in front of people. A confession was something Rachel didn't expect to happen in her life.

This presented itself to many unexplored options.

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