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This is a list of various documentaries, interviews and news reports about Russian animation that have been given English subtitles (or don't need them). Transliterations from Russian use these rules.

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Regarding translations:

  • If more than one translation of a film has been completed, the earliest complete translation will be listed first, followed by the others.
  • If more than one person was responsible on the subtitles, the person who made the subtitles is usually to be listed first, followed by others. If one of the people made a significantly smaller contribution to the subtitles (i.e. only a few phrases), their name will be in italics.

There are currently 9 entries on this list.

----------Title---------- Link(s) Translator
(and link to the separate subtitle file, if available)
Year Length (min) Russian name Transliteration of Russian name --------------------Notes--------------------
Aleksandr Petrov: The Making of "Mermaid" + "The Old Man and the Sea" 1
2 (partial)
2000? 19:06 Александр Петров "Русалка", "Старик и море" - Сотворение фильма Aleksandr Petrov "Rusalka", "Starik i more" - Sotvoreniye filma Made by Petrov in ~2000.
Aleksandr Petrov: The Making of "My Love" [1] Niffiwan 2009 04:08 Александр Петров "Моя любовь" - Сотворение фильма Aleksandr Petrov "Moya Lyubov" - Sotvoreniye filma News report that appeared on Nov.18, 2009, during an exhibition of Petrov's work in Izhevsk gallery
In Aleksandr Tatarskiy's Memory [2] n/a 2007 21:30 Video-montage made by Vitaly Shafirov shortly after Tatarskiy's passing, covering the early days of Pilot Studio
"Gofmaniada" news report [3] Niffiwan 2010 01:46 Видео РИА Новостей про "Гофманиаду" 2010-09-01, about the Soyuzmultfilm feature directed by Stanislav Sokolov, with puppets by Mikhail Shemyakin
The making of the short film "Household Romance" [4] ? 2010 05:08 Как делался мультфильм "Домашний романс" A cut-out animated film directed by Irina Litmanovich, who also made "Khelom's Customs".
Weightless Life - 1: Dialogue with Disney [5] Niffiwan 2006 26:12 Невесомая жизнь - 1: Диалог с Диснеем Nevesomaya zhizn - 1: Dialog s Disneyem The first of a four-part series about Russian animation. This one explores the relationship that Russian animation has had with Disney.
Yuriy Norshteyn in Burbank, California. 1999 [6] Oleg Vidov (live translation) 1999 25:34 Юрий Норштейн в Бербанке, Калифорнии, 1999 Yuriy Norshteyn v Berbanke, Kalifornii, 1999 Filmed by Vitaliy Shafirov.
Yuriy Norshteyn at Klasky Csupo, 1999 [7] Lena Tokman (live translation) 1999 49:38 Юрий Норштейн на студии Klasky Csupo, 1999 Yuriy Norshteyn na studii Klasky Csupo, 1999 Filmed by Vitaliy Shafirov.
Yuriy Norshteyn Interview on "Night Flight" (March 13, 2007) [8] Niffiwan 2007 25:32 Ночной полёт: Интервъю с Юрием Норштейном Nochnoy polyot: Intervyu s Yuriyem Norshteynom A full transcription can also be read at the link.
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