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From Each According to His Abilities...

Sergei Grigoriyevich Brusilov, second son of a communal farmer, dreamed of doing more for the Motherland than growing vegetables or tending cattle and at 19 he enlisted in the Red Fleet. His dream was shattered when a childhood injury stopped him being a pilot. A firm patriot he willingly enlisted in the shipbourne infantry.

Brusilov excelled at soldiering. Strategy and Tactics came naturally to him and a shinning career was etched out in the 354th Shipbourne Guards.

Brusilov is now a General, in charge of the 1st Interplanetary Corps on board the Maxim Gorky.

True Believer

Brusilov is a honest and true Socialist, a testament to the core values of Marx. A farmboy who has risen through the ranks to become a leader of men, an example to others. He is also a true soldier and a man of action even in his later years.

Neuostland and the Arthurian Incident

Forced to play out the political game on board a space station, Brusilov was frustrated at relying on spacebourne assets while good men were practically stranded on the world below, and furious at the Nazi lies besmirching those soldiers. Circumstances meant he was sidelined in the arrival of the lost Arthurians and is keener than ever to show that the Motherland's faith in his leadership of the Third Extrasolar Fleet and the 1st Interplanetary Corps was not misplaced.

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