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[edit] The original letter

I'd like to propose a new way to help organize the con, and keep needed activities from falling through the cracks. It's called the Anti-Schedule. With a regular schedule, you write down all the things your department is going to do, and hopefully others read it. With an anti-schedule, you write into other department's schedule all the things that you think that they are doing for you. Then you look at your own schedule to see what others need of you, and from there you negotiate what is really possible.

Hopefully, this should evolve into a timetable that everyone understands and is satisfied with. As an added benefit, you can mark when things actually get done, so it becomes easy for others to check on what has been done, and what hasn't.

Come to the wiki and lets get started!

[edit] Categories

Everyone please add detail and correct staff structure as needed. Turn these into links, and start your (or other people's) schedules. On this page you sign everything you put down with ~~~~ on both the article and discussion pages. (Normally you only sign comments in the discussion.) Allan G Reilly 03:20, 26 November 2006 (EST)

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