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This is the Wild World Wiki. The aim of the Wild World Wiki is to provide more in-depth, up-to-date, and precise information than any mere FAQ or online guide for Animal Crossing: Wild World. By allowing anyone to add information, and bringing information on individual things into one place, it makes helping and being helped easier.

[edit] Stats 'n' Things

Day 1- April 7th 2006. End of the first day of this site being around, and here's the interesting stats.

69- Legitimate pages
886- Page views
225- Page edits
8- Registered users

Not bad for one day, eh?

Day 7- April 14th 2006 The first week has seen loads more expansion, and here's the stats at the start of the seventh day:

204- Legitimate Pages
2042- Page Views
494- Page Edits
11- Registered Users

Day 28- April 29th 2006 Bit of a slowdown due to the Admin being away, but hey ho. More stats, making the total for the first month.

261- Legitimate pages
3048- Page Views
703- Page Edits
13- Registered Users

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