Hi, I edit wikia wikis under the same user name (Hunterj), and I will shortly be editing here! I am fairly advanced despite my simple user page, in editing with HTML styled things.

I will be setting up a wiki here (Well almost definitly) after I've got a few questions answered (I've asked) then I'll put a link here and some more info, maybe even some fancy stuff!.

My main wikia wikis are:

  • SWGames (Star Wars Gaming Wikia hosted Wiki)
  • Darthipedia (Star Wars Humor Wikia hosted Wiki)
  • Ratchet.wikia (Ratchet & Clank Wikia hosted Wiki)
  • Many more! (see here for more info about me!)

As you can tell I'm a large fan of Star Wars and I read Wookieepedia often. You may have also gathered that I am a big fan of video games. See here for more info (you have to scroll down) on the games I own and like.

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