Intro (Who We are)

[Abhi] We, the alumni of Kamla Nehru Institute of Technology, Sultanpur (UP) are a strong, highly connected, diverse and ever growing technocrats who want to make a mark in every walk of life. We have evolved over the years and have been highly active in conducting alumni get-togethers, providing helping hand to the current students in terms of latest trends of the industry, financial support for oraganizing different events at the college and also in their placements across the indutries.

Our Alma Mater

[Abhi] Kamla Nehru Institute of Technology or KNIT as we all call it lovingly, was established as the Faculty of Technology in Kamla Nehru Institute of Science and Technology, Sultanpur in the year 1976 by Kamla Nehru Memorial Trust. It was taken over by the govt. of Uttar Pradesh in 1979 with a view to develop a full-fledged engineering institute in the Eastern UP region better known as the Awadh region. Later, in the year 1983 it was registered as a separate society and renamed as the Kamla Nehru Institute Of Technology.

The Institute is one of the leading technical institutions of the region and is responsible for producing top-grade engineers with skill sets comparable with the best in the world. Being fully aware of its social responsibilites and the addressing the issue of application of technology to industry, it also renders the testing and consultancy services to the neighbouring industries and various other agencies. The institute is presently affiliated to Uttar Pradesh Technical University, Lucknow.

What We Do

[Abhi] With alumni strength of around 2000 and people spreading out across the industries and geographies, the alumni group helps in: 1. Organizing alumni get-togethers in different regions within India and outside India too. The whole alumni group is divided into different geographic Chapters which caters to the need of alumni meet in the different regions. 2. Mentoring the current students at the college 3. Bridging the gap between the industry and the course curriculum by organizing expert lectures at the college 4. Spreading the KNIT brand with each alumni member acting as the brand ambassador for the college 5. Raising funds for the different technical and cultural events being organized at the college 6. Placement activities at the college by pursuing their own companies to go for campus recruitment 7. Providing support to the members (personally as well as profesionally) by acting like an extended family

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