• Africa Medical Textbook- A collaborative medical textbook for providers in Africa
  • Athlepedia- The premier health and fitness wiki on the web
  • Brain Tumor Information- A collaborative site which serves a collection of information about brain tumors and treatments targeted at patients and caregivers
  • Corposcindosis- A medical treatise investigating the effects of thoracic sympathectomy (ETS surgery) in humans
  • Health++- an open medical wiki.
  • NPfIT - Dossier of concerns about the UK National Health Service's "National Programme for Information technology"
  • Psiquiatria - Psychiatry / Psiquiatria para Psiquiatras
  • The Wellbeing Toolkit - A toolkit of orthodox and contemporary/alternative medicines, with the aim of promoting a happy and healthy life
  • - an online medication encyclopedia for consumers, written and edited by pharmacists.
  • Totally Nourish - A collaborative WIKI for Totally Nourish which gives information on health products.
  • - Self help Wiki .org is the premier self-help site concerning all self-help issues. It is a collaborative project from many ordinary people that know about self-help.

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