Who's Basement

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Who's basement is a disused wine cellar that is constantly one foot under Who? 's right foot.

It has the amazing quality that it contains all absent Mayhemites and disused characters. What they're doing in there isn't known, but it's disturbingly quiet.

As a roof it has floor boards suffering from rising damp that are conveniently placed so that slight seeps in through the cracks, even when Who? is standing over concrete or grass.

Despite its name Who? doesn't actually own it; it merely follows him about like a stray dog containing some horrible tasting wine and being haunted by ghosts from the internet. He still claims ownership over it due to the reasoning that if someone is in the Basement, he instantly has the high ground and some very heavy things to drop on them. Who? has plans to turn it into a a bar that exists outside of space and time, where characters from different worlds (or even different universes) can meet, get a drink, eat, talk, fall in love, or any combination of the above.

Science Bunnies believe that as the basement is both in the OOCZone and ICZone that its existence and properties are probably caused by a breach in the Fourth Wall. They also believe that the basement is following Who? because he keeps dropping crumbs from his blueberry muffins.

Current residents

For the moment the room is empty after Who? over did mowing the lawn one morning leaving a bloody mess below him.

Oh wait, Capt. Cheez just entered after being shot to death. He doesn't look too happy about it.

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