You ignore him and drink your black opal

From Create Your Own Story

You're normally very willing to try a new experience with a new friend, but today you're feeling anti-social and have your mission on your mind. This assassination is of someone particularly vile and also likely to slip away, so you cannot afford the distraction of even the most non-committal fraternization.

You keep your eyes on your drink, and see him turn away to check out an even more lovely creature out of the corner of your eye. good you think, stifling the tiniest bit of jealousy.

Unable to resist the urge, you glance up to get a better glimpse of her. Her huge breasts jiggled temptingly under her shirt and you briefly re-examine your priorities.

You decide you can afford a little break from the mission

You keep your focus, even with this new temptation. The mission is too important

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