Strip off your own clothes as you continue to stimulate Callie

From Create Your Own Story

You continue to tease Callie's pussy, which is beginning to leak honey, with one hand while you remove your clothes with the other. It isn't easy, but a few minutes later you're naked as well. Callie's eyes fasten onto your erection and she softly murmurs, "Wow... I didn't know..."

"Never seen one except in magazines?" you whisper. Callie blushes and nods. "If used properly, it gives women great pleasure," you continue.

"How does one use it... properly?" Callie softly inquires.

"That's easier to demonstrate than to try and explain with words," you purr. You spread Callie's legs wider apart and position yourself at her entrance. You lube up your pole with her nectar and proceed inward slowly. You feel resistance building and slow yourself down even more. Moving a millimeter at time, you push inward until Callie's hymen gives way.

"Is it supposed to hurt?" Callie asks fearfully.

"Only the first time," you respond. "Just let your body relax. You'll soon feel great pleasure." You build a rhythm, moving very slowly until Callie's body adjusts, then gradually increasing the pace.

"That does feel... nice," Callie admits.

"This will be even better," you assure her, speeding up even more. You feel Callie's body quiver, then her legs lock around you as she orgasms. She stuffs her fist in her mouth to keep from crying out. You hold still, allowing her to enjoy the new sensations surging through her. You bring her to a second orgasm, then a third, before you feel your own climax approaching. You don't want to get Callie pregnant, so you pull out and...

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