Gently rub Katie's back as you offer comforting words

From Create Your Own Story

You softly rub your sister's back through her shirt as you speak. "Katie, school can be frustrating. Been there, done that. You have to just relax and not let it get to you. I'll help you with anything you need. Remember that... I'll always be there for you."

"That's very sweet of you," she murmurs. Her body shivers slightly as you nestle her closer.

"Don't worry too much," you say softly. "There's nothing I can't help you with. Everything you're going through, I've already experienced." You pause for a moment. "Well, except for your monthly cycle, of course." You giggle slightly.

Katie breaks into a smile. "I suppose that one would be tough for you to know about. You don't have the right biological equipment."

"Well, look here," you grin. "You do know this biology stuff. You just have to let your brain relax." You continue to rub her back through her shirt, and her body shivers again.

"Um... bro?" Katie asks, slightly querulously.

"Yes, Katie?" you reply.

"Um... I'm feeling slightly flushed, and.... like... my body has these weird, warm pulses going through it," Katie stammers quietly. "Is that... normal?"

You tell her...

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