Dirty Me/You start to drift off, but he comes in before you can dream of anything

From Create Your Own Story

You are suddenly awakened by a loud bang.

"Good morning sleepyhead," you hear the principle say. "I heard there was a bit of an...incident...earlier."

You try to clear your foggy head. You thought you had been dreaming something, but can't remember what it was. It doesn't matter. You see the principle leaning against the desk, so handsome it takes your breath away. The expression on his face though isn't so handsome.

"He started it," you grumble to yourself.

"He? He who? The teacher? Or the student you slapped?" He looks at you as you sit there, sulking. "Okay, please tell me what happened before we decide what to do."

You tell him about the bully sticking his foot in front of you, and how you tripped.

"Well, are you sure he did it on purpose? I will go check with him to make sure." He gives you a look like that probably won't do much good.

"But, he picks on me constantly. He is always calling me names, always taking my stuff. The other students too. They are always so mean." His face is a perfect mask, not letting you know what he is thinking. "So, why wouldn't you believe me?"

"Lets see why I am skeptical," he says, walking over to his filing cabinet. "You have only been here a few months, but you skip class constantly. You are late to class constantly when you aren't skipping. Your grades are mostly D's and F's, with a few C's mixed in. Plus, you know your old school sent over your file, right?"

You groan at this. Of course he won't believe you didn't start it.

"So, we have drug use. You were suspended three times after getting stoned in the parking lot. Caught with cocaine once. You were caught having sex twice, once in the parking lot, once in the boys locker." He shakes his head like he is very disappointed, and you noted the emphasis on 'boys locker'. "You got into five fights. You were caught exposing yourself to others four times. Do I need to read the rest?"

You sigh, knowing it will do no good. The fact is, your parents moved to try to get away from your mistakes.

"So, here is the question. What are we going to do about this? You hit another student. So far, you have been quiet, other than skipping class and being tardy. I had hoped you had learned your lesson from your last school, but you seem to be escalating it here now too."

"Don't call my parents. Please? They will be so mad if they find out," you beg him.

"Now why would I keep this from them? You know I don't hide things from parents." The look on his face crushes your heart. You want to do anything to convince him not to tell them. You want to do anything to stay out of trouble.

You want to do anything to make him smile, and take away the disappointment on his face. After all, how can he be yours if he looks at you like this?

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