Dirty Me/You know what boys like, so it is time to unbutton your blouse

From Create Your Own Story

As the principal's eyes watch yours, waiting for you to speak, he fails to notice your hands going to the bottom of your blouse, unbuttoning it slowly, one button at a time.

Slip a button out of its hole.

"Do you have anything to share with me?" the principal asks.

You nod your head yes as another button slips free.

"So please, tell me what is bothering you. I would like to understand what has happened that made you act out like this," he replies to your nod.

"I..." you halt, focusing your hand on slipping free the next button. "I would rather show you."

You can feel your face go bright red as yet another button comes loose. Only three more to go, yet he still hasn't noticed, his eyes focused on your face. You can tell though, from your sudden blush, that he suspects something, so you try to work the buttons off faster.

"So tell me. Anything you tell me stays between you and me," he states as yet another button pops free.

"I..." You pause again, undoing the next button, with one remaining.

"Yes?" he asks, eyebrows giving you a puzzled look.

As the last button comes loose, you open your blouse, and with no bra, his eyes discover your fully uncovered breasts, finally spitting out the words, "I love you!"

His eyes flick downward, glued to your uncovered breasts, before he averts his gaze. "You...don't...put your blouse back on now, and get out of my office!" He sputters out, his entire face completely red.

"But," you start to say, before being interrupted by him. He grabs your elbow, pulling you towards the door. "Put your shirt back on and get out."

Anguish rushes through you, followed by anger.

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