Dirty Me/You guess you will see what they are doing

From Create Your Own Story

Warm liquid streams down on you. Some lands on your face before it suddenly stops, so you can smell the stink of pee, even taste it as some goes into your mouth, past the gag. Fortunately, you don't mind pee. You have even, in the past, because of youthful curiosity, tried a taste of it. It is just a shock that someone is doing this. You are familiar with golden showers, but that is not a fantasy you have ever had. It turns you on slightly, the thought of you being used as a toilet, but you can think of many things you would rather have done to you.

Either the person who likes this drank alot, or another/others decide they like this idea, because soon the bathtub stopper is put in and there are a few more streams, coming about two or three at a time. You can feel them peeing all over you, some aiming at a particular spot. One person seems like he wants to pee everywhere on you, moving his stream up and down. One person even pees in your hair. You can feel it around your back, a slight amount that caresses the skin not touching the bathtub. It seems they aren't doing a good job of filling the tub, but your back is now laying in pee.

The plug is pulled and the warm fluid no longer caresses your back. Your legs are pulled up, so you are at an odd angle, your right shoulder and head pressed against the tub while your legs dangle over the side. Suddenly, there is a glass object, curved, pressed against your pussy with the top facing up. Then, it is tipped so the open end is pushed into your pussy, and cold liquid streams inside you. You can smell the beer as it overflows and starts streaming down your naked body, already wet with pee, now being washed away with beer.

Then, the person who is holding the bottle starts pushing it in and out. At first it felt fine, because you are nice and wet, but after a short while, it starts to hurt. You start shaking your head no slowly. The bottle holder stops suddenly. You are not sure if he is worried that you would suddenly end the play, or if your pervy lover stopped him when he noted the nod, but no one lifts your headphones and asks if you want to continue. You just want him to stop trying to pound you with a bottle.

You are stood back up, but not removed from the tub. The shower is turned on, and suddenly cold, cold water hits you. It warms up slowly, then is pulled off the hook. The head is brought against your pussy. You are pushed down until you are half squatting, then the shower head is placed against your pussy. It is set to pulse, and it is like a wet vibrator going off on you. Water pushes past your lips and inside you, washing away the beer and cum.

The shower head is put back on its hook and you are pressed against the wall. You are bent over and taken from behind, with his penis starting to thrust inside you. Water does not make good lubricant, and you are already sore from everything else being done to you, so you shake your head no, forcefully. The man lets go of you and moves back, and the headphones are slipped off your ears after a couple of minutes.

"So you want to stop?"

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