Dirty Me/You drift off, with a naughty school girl fantasy

From Create Your Own Story

The principle of your school is young. You know some of the parents think he is too young, and too good looking. Although you have been to see him often, you don't mind. And you aren't alone. It seems like many of the other girls have a crush on him. Tall, with broad shoulders, a full head of dark brown hair, the kind that you want to run your fingers through, and a smile that lights up the room, he is quite dreamy. Even when he is mad at you, or disappointed in you, he is still warm, gentle, caring. The kind of guy anyone would be proud of to have as theirs.

As your chin slowly falls to your chest, you find yourself dreaming of him.

"Hello," he tells you as he walks into the office. "It looks like you have been a bad girl." He says it without any heat in his voice, but instead with a playful edge. A slightly mischievous twinkle in his eye, as if he enjoys bad girls at play.

Your midriff top feels very tight, as you inhale and exhale faster, feeling almost breathless as his eyes rove over your body. You can feel your nipples harden and poke the soft, white fabric of the top, naked under the top.

His eyes linger on your tight stomach, your innie belly button.

"So, what shall I do with such a bad girl?" He asks you, eyes hungrily devouring your curves.

"I don't know Mr. Principle. Maybe I deserve a spanking," you say, as you stare into his gorgeous brown eyes. Eyes that seem full of life, full of joy, full of lust.

You stand up, showing off your legs in your BUNNY NOO Circle skirt, falling slightly above mid thigh. But not the one with inner shorts.

His eyes drink in your legs, exploring your calves, wandering up to your thighs.

You walk over, standing in between him and the desk, looking up at him. You hand lifts, tracing his jaw line, exploring the slight stubble on his chin.

Spinning, you bend over his desk, lifting your ass up, you back arched slightly downward, legs parted.

"Maybe I should," you hear him barely whisper. His hand touches your skin just below your skirt's hem line, then slowly moves up. It tickles slightly, moving so softly, so slowly. As it catches the edge of the hemline, it moves the skirt up, out of the way. Soon, your white, cotton panties are exposed to his eyes.

"Are you sorry?" He asks, lips almost brushing your ear.

"Oh yes," you tell him, finding yourself unable to breath as his hot breath plays with your ear.

"I don't think you are really sorry," he states.


His hand falls across your white panties, across both cheeks. You stifle a slight yelp.


Heat floods across your ass, and you know it is turning red, but you stifle your cries.

"I don't think this is enough. The panties are getting in the way," he says breathlessly in your ear.

You feel him grasp your panties, slowly sliding them down your legs. They tangle around your ankles. "Lets try again," he whispers.


His hand falls across your now bare cheeks. His other hand wraps around you, and you can feel his heat as he presses up against your side.

"Yes," you hear yourself say in anticipation.

His hand explores your stomach, as his other hand again comes down on your bare ass.


His hand lingers, caressing your ass cheek.

"I want you so bad," he whispers into your ear.

"Oh yes," you hear yourself cry out.

His hand stops caressing your ass cheek and moves down your thighs, pressing them apart. As you shift your position to his pushes, your legs are finally wide open to his exploring hand.

"You are wet. You have been a naughty girl. I will just have to spank your pussy." His hand moves between your legs, four fingers with his thumb tucked in.

With a flick of his wrist, his hand comes up, hitting your pussy.


This time it is a wet sound, mixed in with your wetness. The contact with your pussy sends electric sparks shooting through you, all the way from your core.

"I need you. Every time you have been in here, seeing you, watching me with those green eyes, I have fought the urge to tell you. To show you. How much I love you. How much I need you." His words take your breath away.

"Please, make love to me," you hear come from your lips. You head nods up and down, letting him know you want to make love to him too. You love him too. You always thought it was a silly chrush, but hearing this from his lips, you realize you really want him all for yourself.

You hear the sound of his pants unzipping. You feel his penis poke you as you bend over, lining up with your pussy, as you stand there, bent over the desk, legs wide open, waiting, wanting, inviting him to make love to you.

A loud bang from the desk in front of you. A loud bang, waking you up from your short nap, while waiting for him. Interrupting your fantasy.

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