Dirty Me/Try to touch him more, until you find a good opportunity to kiss him

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You decide you want to try to slowly seduce him. After all, trying more quickly might backfire on you, especially given the list of infractions he just read off.

"Will you talk to me?" the principal asks you, with a look of serious concentration on his face.

"Sure. What do you want to know?" you ask him, voice pitched slightly higher.

"Why is it you act out like this? I mean, many of these things are not natural, and they make me wonder something." He pauses, and you can see him struggling, trying to figure out how you can ask.

Moving towards him, you close the distance slightly, reaching out a hand to touch his arm lightly. He doesn't seem to move away, which you assume is a good sign. "You can ask me anything," you reply to his question, opening your eyes wide and trying to give him your most innocent look. Innocent and inviting.

"Has your parents, or someone else, been..." He pauses briefly, as if he does not want to say what is on his mind. After a short pause, he resumes. "Have they touched you, inappropriately?"

You flinch back slightly, then regain your composure. "No, they haven't touched me like that. But, I know what you mean." You move your hand down to his, and pull his hand towards you. At first, his muscles seem tense, unsure what you want to do, but then he loosens up, letting you take his hand. "You mean, has someone touched me," you move his hand close to your breast, "here." You move his hand lower, close to your pussy. "Or here."

He gulps loudly, unsure what to do, how he should respond. "I have been touched, in these places, and many others, but not the way you think."

You stand closer to him, and this time he retreats slightly, until his ass is pressed firmly against the desk.

"I enjoy being touched, by men. It..." You pause this time, unsure how to describe the feeling. "It makes me feel special. Like I matter."

His reaction is strange, as his face is overcome by extreme sadness.

"You shouldn't do things like that. It is wrong, and you are not old enough to understand the consequences of what you are doing." Regret hangs heavy in his voice.

"I know the consequences, and I know what men like. I make them happy, and it makes me feel good, because they treat me like I am special to them." You move closer, almost pressed up against him.

"What are you doing? Please move back. You need to learn to respect people's personal space. That is one of the problems you have with other students." It seems like your spell on him is broken. Maybe you are moving too fast, or maybe not fast enough. You hate to, but you need to tell him the truth. What broke you.

"When I was six years old, two guys decided to use me for their own purpose. They made me suck their dicks. I didn't even remember until right after I turned 18." Your eyes mist up, on the verge of completely losing it. You hate remembering, and hate more how that one event ruined your life. "My parents didn't know because I was afraid to tell them." The mist turns into tears, a few, slowly dripping down your cheeks.

His face completely changes again, mirroring the hurt. He pulls you towards him, giving you a hug. "Shh, it's okay. It wasn't your fault." You feel the heat of him as your face presses against his shoulder. "I will try to help you, if I can. Thank you for being honest with me." You turn your face towards him, and see a mixture of emotions: Anger, hatred, sorrow, and sympathy, or at least empathy. He likes you. He really likes you. You decide it is now or never.

You tilt your face upward, ready for a kiss. When he doesn't move to give you one, you shift your hand up, behind his head, and pull his lips down on yours.

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