Dirty Me/Time to leave, before they catch me

From Create Your Own Story

You start to grow worried, wondering what would happen if they catch you. Would they ignore you? Would they leave? Would they hurt you?

After a couple seconds thought, you decide it is not worth it to find out. While it is thrilling, watching, it is also not worth staying in a situation like this.

You get off the toilet and flush it, noticing when you do the sounds pause. After washing your hands, you leave the restroom, heading back to the car.

"I was about to go look for you. You took so long," your father states, looking relieved.

You roll your eyes. "I was fine. I just needed to go really bad."

"Well, lets go. We want to get there before sunset so we aren't trying to set up a tent in the dark," your father mentions.

Still the same boring camping trip, but at least you have something to think about while you are out there. Maybe this trip has something to keep it interesting after all.

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