Dirty Me/There is no way you will keep this baby

From Create Your Own Story

You make a call to Planned Parenthood.

After a couple of consultations, and an explanation of how you got pregnant, they are more than sympathetic.

They hand you a couple pills and soon you leave. After arriving home, you take the pills. Soon you are racked with cramps, worse than even your worst period, and you find yourself in the fetal position on the couch.

After they subside, you pull yourself up and see the blood on your pants. You stumble into the bathroom and take off your clothes, washing yourself and then the pants, while the cramps ease off.

Exhausted, you drag yourself to bed and fall asleep. You feel drained, physically and emotionally. You may not want to keep the baby because of how it was conceived, but that doesn't mean that you wanted this either.

The next morning, you find yourself sinking further into depression. Being raped, humiliated, loosing everyone you thought was your friend, then going through the pain of last night take their toll on you.

Life seems to have lost all meaning for you by this point. You are not sure if you even want to keep living, or if you want it to just end.

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