Dirty Me/The open net tube dress is just perfect

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You look at the two outfits, and finally decide you like the pink, open net tube dress.

Bringing it up to the counter, you decide to try to keep him from talking by asking him very pointedly, "Do you have a dressing room? Just point to it please if you do."

"It's, umm, that way, umm," he stops, pointing at the only dressing room in the place.

"Thank you," you reply to him. "I just want to try this on." With that, you go into it, not bothering to wait for him to respond.

You close the door, not even in the mood for him to try peeking at you, and take off your jacket, pants, and shirt. You slip it on over your panties and bra, settling it and straightening out the hem and the twisted bits of fabric.

You turn, noting how every detail can be seen. The dress that isn't a dress. You love the way it looks, and it fits perfectly. You squint, imagining you are wearing it to the lake, or a swimming pool, and imagining your bra and panties as a bikini. This would definitely attract attention. You are not sure why, but even a normal outfit with see through clothes underneath always seems to attract the guys attention.

On a whim, you pull it up, and unfasten your bra, removing it. You pull off your panties. Slipping the dress that is not a dress on, you look at the effect now.

Oh my, you think to yourself, seeing everything in the mirror. The slight airstrip of pubic hair. You nipples, already getting hard seeing yourself dressed, yet fully exposed. The thought of leaving like this shoots a thrill through you, like a spark of electricity, starting at the top of your head, moving its way down. You feel your pussy flush, thinking about going out in something like this. Then again, this isn't really a neighborhood I would want to be in wearing this anyways, even with a pair of shorts and a tubetop.

After admiring yourself a bit more, you take it off, putting your clothes back on. You leave the dressing room and pay him for the pink tube dress.

As you stand there, waiting for him to give you your change, not bothering to pay attention to what he is saying, you remember what you originally came here for.

Your outfit isn't at all revealing, but...

I just bought this dress. Maybe I could wear it here. I could always put my normal clothes on before I leave again.

Then again, you could just go back as you had planned originally in your normal clothes.

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