Dirty Me/Tell your dad sorry for poking him

From Create Your Own Story

You look at your dad and notice his eye is turning a little puffy.

"I am sorry daddy. I didn't mean to. This shadow, he was poking me after it took off my..." You stop suddenly, realizing you were about to tell your dad about being stripped by some shadowy person. Your face starts turning red, thinking about it, and worse, when you think about how you almost told your dad about being stripped.

He looks at you with one eye, his hand over the other, trying to rub it.

"It is okay, but it is time to go. And no, don't argue. We are way past that." You look at him indignantly.

"I..." He cuts you off, talking over the top of you. "Your mom is waiting in the car. Lets go."

You grab your phone and follow your dad out to the car.

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