Dirty Me/Stay at home and find something to do

From Create Your Own Story

You decide you want to stay at home. After all, you have been outdoors enough lately, and just want to enjoy the comforts of civilization again.

Turning on the TV, you discover there are no shows on that hold your attention. Cooking? Really? Gag me please.

Going back into your room, you turn on your computer and see what is happening online.

There are a few sites you regularly visit. You like to read, and found this interesting site called Create Your Own Adventure.

But you haven't checked your Facebook for a while, so it might be good to see what is happening with your friends.

Of course, it is always fun to play around on YouTube, seeing if there is any interesting or funny videos.

Or, as you think of Bob, you could always try some of the naughty websites.

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