Dirty Me/Jump up and give your dad a hug

From Create Your Own Story

"Oh dad!" You exclaim, jumping up and throwing your arms around him. "I am sorry. I was dreaming that a shadow...thing...kept poking me."

He rubs his eye once more before lowering his hand, then fixing you with a red eyed look.

After a few moments, he returns the hug and then looks away. "Sorry," he quietly replies. "I poked you, trying to wake you up. I just thought you would wake up, not poke back."

He suddenly flashes a grin.

"I guess you can make it up to me by not arguing about the camping trip anymore. We need to go though, mom is waiting in the car."

You decide not to bother arguing with him this time, since you still feel bad about poking him. In the eye!

Grabbing your phone, you follow him to the car.

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