Dirty Me/I really want to try those outfits on

From Create Your Own Story

You go into the store and pick out some tight, short shorts and a tube top.

"Can I try this on?" You ask the sales associate.

"Sure. The changing room is right this way," he replies. He seems genuinely polite, not checking you out or leering at you like most other guys do. You decide it is time to give him a show.

You close and lock the door, but accidentally lock it before it is completely closed, allowing it to open a bit. As you check yourself in the mirror, your hip bumps it, causing it to open more. Enough for someone to see you, but not enough that you might actually notice.

The male associate stands near the door, and out of the corner of your eye, you can see him glance over. Just as he glances over, you pull the dress over your head, leaving you standing in the changing room completely naked. You turn sideways, admiring your body in the mirror, exposing your back and ass to the associate. When you turn back, you notice him watching you, looking at the profile of your thighs and breasts. Your tight stomach and shapely calves.

Slipping on the clothes you selected, you notice they are very tight indeed. A camel toe shows, and the tube top outlines your nipples completely.

You reach over and unlock it, still looking in the mirror, so it doesn't seem that you knew the door was open. When you look over at him, you see him turn away quickly.

"These seem a little tight," you tell him. "What do you think?"

He glances at you, then looks away again.

"Please, I want your opinion," you tell him, pitching your voice slightly higher, making it sound almost like a plea.

Moving towards him, you grab his hand and turn him towards you.

You grab the top, adjusting it, pulling it up, then down, almost popping your breasts out completely a couple times.

He hurriedly clears his throat. "It looks wonderful on you, but..." he pauses.

"Yes?" You ask, eyebrows raised.

"Would you prefer to see the next size up?" He asks, a guilty look crossing his face.

You are torn. While you know it is way to small, it almost seems like he is calling you fat. You decide to let it go, knowing men are bad at expressing themselves.

You go back in the changing room and take the outfit off.

I know just the way to pay him back, you think to yourself.

You open the door, hiding behind it slightly so no one else can see you if they are in the store, but so he can see your right side, just short of actually seeing something he shouldn't. He gets a nice view of your arm, slight view of the side of your breast, can see your outer thigh, almost to your fur as you rotate your hips slightly.

"Could you please put these back and get the pink chemise I saw near the door?" You ask him innocently.

Speechless, instead of telling me that you need underwear on to try on clothes, he takes the tube top and shorts. You pull them closer to you as he tries to reach for them, but instead of coming much closer, he stretches out his arm. He is so cute, only two or three years older than you, and you just want to eat him up.

He fetches the chemise, and you completely open the door to reach for it, exposing everything. He gasps, then shoves it in your hand, turning around quickly.

You again try it on, slowly, with the door again cracked to give him his chance to peek, and again model it once you had it on. This time, he can only stammer as the chemise clings to you. You finally get the words "looks wonderful" out of his halfway incoherent mumbling.

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