Dirty Me/Get the gun and make sure he never bothers you again

From Create Your Own Story

You go up and pull out your dad's dresser, trying to find it under all his clothes. Finally, you spot it, grabbing it, bringing it downstairs with you.

It is awkward, you hate guns, but are just sick of it. Tired. You want him to leave you alone.

You bring it downstairs and open the door.

"Just go away, or I shoot," you tell him, expecting him to run away.

Instead, he tries to lunge at you. In the blink of an eye, your finger tenses up, pulling the trigger. The gun goes off, the noise loud in your ears.

You watch as he falls backwards. He looks down once, then back up, his eyes showing his surprise.

He opens his mouth to say something, and you feel your finger squeeze again, this time the bullet hitting him in the eye.

Blood blossoms from the impact, causing you to drop the gun. You run back inside, closing the door, before settling onto the floor, crying.

Your mind replays the bullet hitting his eye over and over and over again.

Eventually, the police arrived, after being called by the neighbors because of the sound. They handcuff you and as you step outside, you see those same neighbors standing at the fence in front of your house, whispering, talking, pointing.

You see the bully's body where he fell, bile creeping up in your throat, an instant later throwing up.

The police officer doesn't show much sympathy, pulling you back up and pushing you along in front of her. The rest continue to mark the area, take pictures, and other things that you have no clue about.

They bring you to the jail, booking you and putting you in a cell, where you sit in numb misery, oblivious to everything around you, with only your thoughts to keep you occupied. Those thoughts keep replaying the confrontation over and over again.

When your court date arrives, you are denied bail, forced to wait for your trial in the confines of the jail cell.

Eventually, the court finds you guilty of voluntary manslaughter, since it was not planned, but since it was imperfect self-defense, and the court feels you exceeded the defense requirements and used lethal force for a non-lethal confrontation, and especially since you had a juvenile criminal record, you get the maximum 10 years in prison for it. Maybe there are other stories for your new prison life, but those stories are for another time.

The End

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