Dirty Me/Get the gun, just to scare him away

From Create Your Own Story

You go up and pull out your dads dresser, trying to find it under all his clothes. Finally, you spot it, grabbing it, bringing it downstairs with you.

It is awkward, you hate guns, but are just sick of it. Tired. You want him to leave you alone.

You bring it downstairs and open the door.

"Get away from me! Get away from my house!" You yell at him.

He suddenly moves. Not running away, but towards you. He hits your hand, causing the gun to be knocked out of your hand. He jumps on it, picking it up, turning it towards you.

You look at him, scared to death, and turn to run into the house. As you start to close the door, trying to shut him out, it rebounds, hitting you, as he kicks it.

You back up, and he charges you, the gun swinging towards your head. You move, but not fast enough, not far enough.

You look up, spots swimming in front of your eyes, brain cloudy, trying to grasp what is happening.

You hear him yelling at you, but cannot grasp the meaning of the words. He jumps on you, yelling at you more, then you start feeling his hands. You feel him pulling your blouse, popping off buttons, ripping it off. His hand pulls at your pants, undoing them.

You lift your hands, trying to push him, to stop him, to fight him.

His fist connects with your stomach, knocking the air out of you, leaving you trying to catch your breath. When you finally do, it hurts, trying to suck in breath.

Your pants are around your knees.

You try to stop him again, and he punches you again, harder. You feel like throwing up, like your insides are hurt.

He takes your pants the rest of the way off, now that you are no longer trying to stop him, then rips your panties off.

You suddenly understand what he is about to do as he starts undoing his pants.

You yell at him, scream at him, but it doesn't matter. He forces your legs apart and punches you once more as you try to keep your legs closed, try to stop what he is doing.

He pushes in, and you scream, feeling him tearing your vagina, entering you dry. He ignores you, like a wild animal, and continues pushing himself in you, forcing himself deeper into you. You hurt so bad you cannot stop yourself from crying, sobbing, screaming. He pounds you for a short time before cumming inside you.

Laying on top of you, he rests for a few second before pushing himself up, getting off you.

He slaps your face a couple times, laughing, as pain blossoms on your cheeks.

Finally, he stands up, doing up his pants, and looking down at you in disgust, and maybe even a little guilt. You don't know because it is hard to see, as you sob in pain.

He leaves, with you curled up on the floor, crying.

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