Dirty Me/After the nap, discuss an idea you have

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You wake up, and see him propped on his elbow, watching you sleep. It is slightly creepy, but also sweet.

You roll over and embrace him. Maybe not husband material, but he is comforting in his own way.

You tell him about Bob, about how it made you feel, being anonymous, not knowing who your lover is.

"I don't like it," he replies to you. "How do you know they aren't some sicko? How do you know they don't have some sort of STI or something?"

You have noticed sometimes he gets overprotective of you.

"Fine, I will just do it without you," you reply to him, getting frustrated. After all, who is he, the same guy who was first with you when you were underage, who is still over twice your age at 18, to tell you that it is too risky. The police would have already arrested him and thrown him in prison if they knew what you and him have done together.

He looks at you with concern in his eyes, then throws his hands up in exasperation. "Fine, if you want to try something like that, then I will arrange it. At least I can make sure you are safe, that I trust the people involved."

You think about it, then nod. "But, how?"

You two discuss further, and eventually come up with a plan.

Later that evening, after spending the day planning and going over everything, you two start. After all, what good is having fantasies if you aren't willing to try them out?

You two go to a nice hotel downtown and he reserves the penthouse suite. You both go up, and you proceed to strip completely naked.

Once you are naked, he handcuffs your hands behind you. You purposely have him use the fuzzy ones, because the normal ones hurt your wrists.

Next, he puts some ankle cuffs on you with a bar in the middle. This hobbles your movements. You can get around, but it is very awkward, causing you to waddle instead of walk, swinging it from side to side. It also makes it difficult to keep your balance if I try to move fast.

Then, he slips on a ball-gag, so you can't speak.

Next comes the eye cover. You have enjoyed them, but honestly, you would always peek. These, however, let almost no light in. They are similar to swimming goggles, but the lenses are completely black. You can see a little light around the outside, where they don't seal around your eyes exactly perfectly, but you can see absolutely nothing. You are effectively blind.

Last, he slips over some noise canceling headphones. You are not sure if they actually work as headphones, all you know is you can hear almost nothing.

So, here you are, standing naked in the middle of the room, unable to use your hands, to move around effectively, to see, to hear, or even to speak. It is a very frightening experience, to have almost total sense deprivation.

He takes you to the restroom and proceeds to give you an enema. Now, you have never before had an enema, so this is a very new experience, and does not feel a bit like anal. It is a bit disturbing, to be honest.

He puts the tube into your anus and squeezes the warm water up and into you. You feel odd, your rectum full of water, which is the point of an enema...

He moves you over and sits you down on the toilet. In a few minutes, you suddenly know why. You suddenly have an assplosion, as if you ate a bad Taco Bell meal. You feel like you are spraying all over the the place. You hate thinking of yourself, covered in gooey brown, watery poo as you feel it splash off the toilet bowl and back onto you. You stay there, alternating between needing to go and feeling like you are done. You do, however, admit to yourself that it feels good, like you have been emptied.

He then stands you back up. You could cry. You hoped had he left, but he is there. Maybe he just waited outside in the hotel room while you exploded all over the toilet, but the thought of him seeing you, your ass all covered in the remains of your enema and bowel material embarrass you to no end. You feel like you could die then and there from embarrassment.

He takes you into the shower and washes you down, having you bend over so he can scrub your ass and pussy. Eww, did you really get some in there?

He takes a fluffy towel and dries you off, although you think he is spending a little too much time drying off your pussy. Maybe it is innocent, or maybe he is enjoying rubbing the towel against your pussy and watching you squirm.

He plays with you for a little bit. You are standing there, nothing, then all the sudden his hand reaches out and grabs your breast. Not hard, he knows the rules.

He moves you until you are laying down, then leaves you there. Suddenly, something cold, wet, oily is being rubbed on your pussy.

He then starts thrusting into you, out of you, back into you. He is really ramming your pussy, and in no time, you can feel him cumming inside you.

He stands you back up, removes one side of the headphones, and asks you if you really want to do this, are you really sure?

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