Ask him if he would like to see your melons.

From Create Your Own Story

You smile to yourself as you take off your low-cut shirt to reveal a lacy red bra. "Wanna see my melons," you whisper in his. He smirks before grabbing your right tit and brushing his thumb against it. You take that as a yes and unclasp your bra before removing it. The guy gasps at the sight of your hot body before squeezing your breasts. You moan, encouraging him to go on. He rubs his thumb against your nipple as you moan some more. He brings his lips to the nipple was rubbing. He licks it, making circles with his talented tongue around your nipple. You moan and groan as he does this. To your surprise, he starts nipping your tit a little bit, making you groan for more. He starts biting this time, harder and harder until you start whimpering. Suddenly, blood starts to shed, causing him to lick it all up and suck the opening dry. A rush of pain goes through your body as you start to get paralyzed. Your skin starts turning as white as a sheet and your eyes start to sting. You can smell a mixture of vanilla, cherries, honey, and smoke. The thing that most surprises you is the fact that your hungry for blood. The guy that was pleasuring your tits was a vampire, and he just turned you into a vampire.

Health Horny & Thirsty for Blood Equipment:

The Bus

MP #
Level #1
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