"I'll need to take a closer look. Take off your shirt and lie on your stomach."

From Create Your Own Story

"All right," Katie sighs. She doesn't wear a bra unless she goes out in public, so you have access to the whole of her back.

"Just lie still and let me check you," you instruct her. You place your hands on her neck and softly massage it, working the tension out of her body. You move slowly downwards, gently rubbing her flesh.

"Um... I'm getting even more weird surges," Katie grunts.

"Weird, how?" you ask as you continue the backrub. "Are they... unpleasant? Painful in any way?"

Katie pauses for a moment. "No... not painful, just odd."

"That's not really much for me to go on," you tell her. "What, exactly, do these sensations feel like?"

Katie shivers as you work your way to her lower back. "Um... well... it's hard to describe. It's like a pulse of electricity starts in my... uh... well, between my legs, and spreads outwards across my body."

You tell her...

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