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XBW Wrestling
Acronym XBW
Established 1999-present
Founder Nemesis
Owner Deathwarrent
Style Athletic and technical wrestling
Wrestling base Mattress
Location Baltimore, Maryland
Formerly Xtreme Backyard Wrestling
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XBW Wrestling (XBW) was a privately held, limitedly known American backyard wrestling federation created in 1999 by Nemesis and closed in 2008 after several inside political affairs, which based in a few backyard residencies of regional areas in Maryland including Glen Burnie and Baltimore, which were property of the homes of some of the XBW Originals.

In March 2001, tragedy struck when the genuine real-life brother of Deathwarrent, Nemesis, was killed in a bicycle accident that prompted the commemorative event known as XBW In Memory Of. Eventually, XBW switched their federation name from Xtreme Backyard Wrestling to just a symbolic XBW Wrestling in response to criticism following them that they were not factually extreme in the sense alike many others. Also due to how overused the name was, the name change did better to individualize themselves.

The most complimentary elements of the federation were its storylines and engaging characters that led to some independent online success. Events were originally performed on ground prior to mattress, trampoline and back to permanently mattress, progressing on uploaded series of episodic events comprised of weekly home-filmed tapings spanning the course of a decade, exceptionally outlasting a majority of backyard federations in its timeframe.


Federation history

See also: History of XBW Wrestling

Season 1: 1999-2001

Xtreme Backyard Wrestling
Youth period

XBW Wrestling (then Xtreme Backyard Wrestling) debuted in Maryland in the fall of 1999 and was created by Nemesis, the leader of a group of youths later recognized as the XBW Originals that were Reaper, Ryan "The Icon" Stevens, Deathwarrent, Chris Phoenix, Tommy Gunn and War. Inspiration to backyard wrestle derived from the wreckless, over-the-top televised wrestling era called the "WWF Attitude Era", that sparked foundation in many backyard federations to begin the "craze" from the late-1990's that were adopting an often more dangerous attitude. XBW took off as a ground federation, aimed at the enjoyment of wrestling without using detrimental weapons or performing high spots or any other risky activity.

Inferno, was devised as their main wrestling show. These shows as well as supercards were sometimes organized with feuds without random booking. No shows during Season 1 were ever uploaded online and according to management in later years, said it had deteriorated into grainy footage. Brothers, Deathwarrent (XBW Maryland Champion) and Nemesis (XBW Champion) began as inaugural champions without contention for the belts. Eventually, the show Revolution was implemented to alternate with Inferno.

Nemesis engaged in a feud with The Icon over the XBW Championship, a test of trial for The Icon until Hardcore Haven on Episode 6 in a Texas Death Match. Later after reconciling, they formed the dominant tag team known as The Lost Boyz, leaving their mark as the inaugural XBW Tag Team Champions. The end to the team built from The Icon losing the title to Deathwarrent in an Triple Threat "I Quit Match" additionally involving Nemesis at Hallowicked Episode 14. Soon, Nemesis claimed the XBW Championship from Reaper, who had beat Deathwarrent for it, on Revolution Episode 20. The Icon later enviously betrayed Nemesis but his efforts to regain the title were unavailing. Also from this season was the memorable brother versus brother rivalry between Deathwarrent and Nemesis that introduced the earliest vicious matches over the rights of being called "Mr.XBW".

Deathwarrent (left) and Nemesis (right) during their Season 1 feud.

Deathwarrent had been dispossessed of the XBW Maryland Title by AppleJackz in the early goings with the belt retired on the shoulders of Venom and the XBW Hardcore Championship being brought in lastly won by The Icon. Futhermore, Deathwarrent became owner during episodes that went lost. Other additional notes include wrestlers Kid Madness, Wolf, M.I.A, Titan, Hardcore Anonymous, Ronster, Siberian, and Paige not seen again after participanting in this season. Also, AppleJackz switched to alter-ego personality, Tommy Gunn. The XBW Tag Team Championships were also retired by the end of season as was the XBW Maryland Title reinstated. But quite unfortunately in the late Season 1 hiatus, Nemesis would be claimed in a fatal bicycle accident before Season 2 and consequently, XBW ceased to hold backyard events until 2003.

Nemesis Tragedy and Aftermath

The death of Nemesis (Charles Michael Parrott) was a real-life crisis that occured on March 28, 2001 to Deathwarrent's brother, Nemesis during the late season 1 hiatus. Nemesis, 17 years old, was killed in a horrendous bicycle accident as according to the Maryland Gazette news article:

"A 17-year-old boy riding his bicycle was killed Tuesday after being struck by three vehicles near a Glen Burnie intersection, county police said. Charles Michael Parrott of Glen Burnie was taken to North Arundel Hospital, where he was pronounced dead at 8:38 p.m. Tuesday. Mr. Parrott was riding his bike south in the right-turn lane on Ritchie Highway when he approached the intersection of 8th Avenue about 8:10 p.m." - The Maryland Gazette

As a result of the death, XBW was continued on behalf of Nemesis, commemorating him with the implementation of supercard, In Memory Of, where a Nemesis Memorial Cup Battle Royal (with exception to the first being a Fatal Four Way) occurs to crown the correspond winner with the Nemesis Memorial Cup regarded as one of the federation's most prestigious prizes in the form of a trophy.

Season 2: 2003-2004

Teen period

In 2003 following inactivity, XBW came back this time launching online via BitTorrent and wrapping up Season 1 to initiate Season 2, shortly compiling an opening sequence video for their non-supercard episodes and video packages to highlight angles. During the main event of the first episode, War competed against Tommy Gunn for the XBW Championship before attacked by a preponderant posse, storming in a storyline angle which kickstarted the season with the defection of Reilly Davidson (priorly known as Tommy Gunn) as in revelation, the mastermind of an invasive movement known as Jackass Championship Wrestling that were plotting to overtake and eradicate XBW.

Deathwarrent prevailing the first-ever Nemesis Memorial Battle Royal (Fatal Four Way) winner.

Davidson had won the championship but was promptly deprived of it by XBW owner, Deathwarrent an episode later to drastically slow the JCW momentum. Trailing that event, Deathwarrent had notably won the first annual Nemesis Memorial Battle Royal (Fatal Four Way). Davidson soon employed the services of Shawn Hartless, who was able to attain the XBW Hardcore Championship from The Icon in JCW's first stroke of progress. Davidson tried unsuccessfully to procure The Icon but Deathwarrent later appallingly allied with the alliance after ending his feud with War winning the XBW Title, defaulting his status as XBW owner, readily available to War who signs on to the position.

Throughout 2003 in the season before halting progression for a year, XBW introduced cruiserweights such as Inferis, Blazer and Klingus, who had wrestled a Lightweight Champions Extravaganza, going unseen after that. The ground was used as the base for wrestling for only episode 1, the mattress for episodes 2 to 4 and the trampoline episodes 5 to 9. Ever since, XBW has adhered to mattress. This year would also mark the diminishing of JCW and resignation of Venom.

In 2004, XBW returned after another year of intermission, continuing the season and altering their characters for a serious turning point in the federation bringing in Labor Day Bash episode 10 in a new backyard as the initial event with The Icon unwarrantly recognized as XBW Internet Champion in retirement of the XBW Maryland Championship previously held. Booking also developed hereafter as War remained owner and the XBW Hardcore Championship went vacant with Venom's resignation. A developing feud ignited when Shawn Hartless enlightened Tommy Gunn (alter-ego to Reilly Davidson) with the proclamation that he used him to secure a spot in XBW.

Deathwarrent and Chris Phoenix (The Alliance).

Meanwhile, XBW ran a one-time only (first and last) XBW Championship 24/7 ruling at Final Revolution that saw multiple title switches among The Icon, Psycho, Deathwarrent and Chris Phoenix concluding in a twisted surprise at the formation of The Alliance (Deathwarrent and Phoenix) with Phoenix seen as the last victor. In further surprises from XBW, they organized with talents from Championship Wrestling Federation for an appearance, or in other words, invasion at the second annual In Memory Of episode 15; this assisting vastly in the season 2 growth with both parties competing in a Tag match to represent respective federations. The storyline was stemmed after Phoenix and Stevens interfered with HSK over in CWF. This year at the event, The Icon is victorious in the Nemesis Memorial Cup Battle Royal.

In continuation of the uproar between Hartless and Gunn, one of the hottest feuds at the time ranked #1 on XBW's "Top 10 Feuds in XBW History" countdown, Hartless proceeded to aggravate Gunn by pursuing flirtation with his girlfriend, Marissa, making matters personal. After pre-contests against each other and finally for an XBW contract in a Ladder match at Insomnia, Hartless was able to gain victory. Aside this was the season's climax feud with The Alliance battling with The EZ Money Krew, who formed at the arrival of Jesse James and Adam Webb consolidating all together with The Icon (who changed his name to Ryan Stevens upset over losing the XBW Internet Title to Shawn Hartless) to begin a new side to him.

Chris Phoenix, a targeted XBW Champion, competed with Deathwarrent as The Alliance against the entire EZ Money Krew in a Handicap 3-on-2 match for the title rewarded to whoever pinned which Deathwarrent won. EZ Money Krew subsequently abducted Phoenix raining down an interrogation sequence on XBW. Tommy Gunn had become XBW General Manager and interrogated XBW personnel on Phoenix's whereabouts. Following episodes of investigation, Chris Phoenix returns at Hardcore Haven episode 23 to surprisingly get revenge on Deathwarrent and his accessory in the abduction, ultimately dividing The Alliance. After this season, the XBW Maryland Title is brought back while the XBW Internet Title is discontinued at the release due to contract violation of then-champion Shawn Hartless. Newcomers, Assassen and Adam Webb is lastly seen in this season as EZ Money Krew continues.

Season 3: 2005

Adolescent Period

The ownership of War became disputed during his increasing authority. Also during this season, a P.A system was latterly utilized in pretense through video editing. An arrogant Reaper held his XBW Championship reign into the new season including his reunion with with Deathwarrent in Armageddon. Previous XBW Internet Champion Shawn Hartless had left the federation with management opting to retire the XBW Internet Title and re-usher the XBW Maryland Championship, shortly won by Deathwarrent to entail Armageddon a golden standard.

Vengeance returns to win Nemesis Memorial Cup Battle Royal at In Memory Of 3.

Vengeance prevailed the third annual Nemesis Memorial Cup Battle Royal winner in his retributive return for Reaper, responsible for his kidnapping from season 2, which lit an altercation elongating through matches such as a Texas Death match and Ladder match with Vengeance using his championship opportunity that came with winning the Nemesis Memorial Cup Battle Royal in failed attempts of taking Reaper's title. The feud rested after Reaper bloodily savaged Vengeance and winded up taking his girlfriend Marissa. During a "Contract Turmoil Challenge", Ryan Stevens would succeed in the finals defeating Jesse James.

Ryan Stevens and Jesse James in season 3's most heated feud.

Armageddon began crossing paths with a power hungry EZ Money Krew, who shifted the direction of success when Jesse James won the XBW Maryland Championship by pinning Deathwarrent in a Tag match it was contested in at EZ Money Krew's offering. Unrelenting for more success, Jesse James pursued the XBW Championship, but his efforts failed. However on second chance against Stevens and Reaper on Revolution episode 12, he became greedily rebellious in his act of stopping Stevens from possibly winning the XBW Title and rolling him up in a pincount position to become double champion, triggering their rift and sparking arguments between the two. The victory had factually brought halt to Reaper's 15 episodic reign. James proceeded to win the XBW Hardcore Championship for 30 seconds which he had been triple champion.

At this time, Venom returned and brought back the XBW Hardcore Championship. Psycho also returned having allegedly escaped the Psycho Ward, stalking a timid Chris Phoenix. Meanwhile, Shawn Hartless had made his triumphant comeback to XBW with his new program, The Hart Attack but much to the rebuttal of Deathwarrent who regarded him as a "has-been". Hartless claimed to have been pro-trained. This led to the clashing of egos and pride, culminating at Insomnia episode 14. Hartless would shortly take a leave of absence. The Ryan Stevens and Jesse James turmoil heated up after their XBW Championship match at the same event that concluded controversially, this beginning the official uproar and rage in their partnered relationship ultimately climaxing at Hotter Than Hell episode 16 with Stevens capturing the XBW Title.

Half way through the season, Tommy Gunn (once Vengeance) comes back with a newfound gimmick as Representative of the Athletic Censorship Enterprise taking supposed employee responsibility in shuttering the hardcore division of XBW by interrupting and stopping matches deemed too brutal, which many opposed. As Ryan Stevens kept his dominant, untouchable reign as champion, Deathwarrent stepped up to dethrone him, initially unsuccessful at Breaking Limits episode 21. Jesse James had beaten War in an Ownership match at the same event to take control of the federation in a slick, dress-clothes-wearing fashion.

The debut of Psycho X saw an astounding high-flying artist to the federation, who competitively contended with big league superstars. Jesse James and Ryan Stevens had once took shots at a federation based in Minnesota known as Total Wrestling Federation Xtreme early in the season. Unexpectedly to online fans, TWFX superstar, Spardis appeared in Maryland to assert himself over Jesse James in envious defiance of his tactical nature indicating the first stroke of mutual relations between XBW and TWFX. When the short feud blew-off at Kings of Carnage that James won, Spardis flew back to Minnesota after his week trip. Kavian, Bob Hollywood and Stahn McCloud collectively known as The Family debuted late in the season and by the end of the season after Deathwarrent and Reaper continually darted for Stevens title, EZ Money Krew rekindled their partnership. The season was recognized as a big year for the federation and also marked for the first Year End Awards conducted by XBW.

Season 4: 2006-2007

XBW Wrestling
Adult Period

Reaper on the mat after just winning Nemesis Memorial Cup Battle Royal at In Memory Of 4.

The EZ Money Krew opens the new season introducing their new manager in a debuting Rabbit as their feud with Armageddon (having newly acquired debutant Jerico Drum for a short while) continues. Jesse James was still in ownership control planning to likely be Ryan Steven's opponent at upcoming In Memory Of event to ease his load until Deathwarrent researched his way into manipulating the position away to himself and whipping out a surprise opponent of his own revealed as a returning Shawn Hartless, who defeated Ryan Stevens at In Memory Of to end Stevens 16 episodic reign, the longest XBW Championship reign in XBW history.

Reaper was victorious in this annual's Nemesis Memorial Battle Royal. In Deathwarrent's first command in charge, he reinstated the XBW Tag Team Championship last seen in season 1. Armageddon and The Family fought over it, but Armageddon won the championships at Total Chaos episode 7 (resulting in the discharge of Stahn McCloud from The Family), the same event rising star and XBW Maryland Champion Psycho X, contended with The Reaper after a short feud and lost the title. Stevens also received his rematch clause with Hartless for the belt, but got disqualified, leaving Chris Phoenix taken comically by the champion as a contender in line who was moving up the ranking system.

Stevens began frivolously feuding with AppleJackz (formerly alter-ego Tommy Gunn) who had dropped the Representative of A.C.I act when fired by then-owner Jesse James in season 3, settling the feud in a First Blood match. Jesse James sought to regain his ownership position from Deathwarrent by challenging him to an ownership match at Mayhem episode 11, but before he could possibly reclaim his position, Spardis reemerged in XBW to throw his chances off, continuing unfinished business between them. The Family finally came through when they won the XBW Tag Titles quite however unjoyfully while Stevens remained focus on taking back the XBW Title. It was about after Hartless endured elbow injury and vacated the title, did he capture it back by beating Phoenix at Insomnia episode 15.

As the season progressed, Jerico Drum continued his horrendous losing streak, No Fear travelled from TWFX, Dizmal and 5-Point (initially Rabbit's bodyguard) debuted, Volcano returned from absence, Psycho X turned to Josh Dreamer when Psycho briefly returned since episode 2 to forsaken him as his apprentice. Reilly Davidson (formerly alter-ego AppleJackz) tended to be seen as suspicious, appearing in Deathwarrent's office and being on end of mysterious phone conversations. Deathwarrent had vowed to investigate. James eventually abandonned in his partnership with Stevens for claims of his championship selfishness aligning with Phoenix as Affliction, shortly winning the XBW Tag Team Championship from an estranged Family. Spardis, entitled to a XBW Championship match sneaked into his contract term, defeated Stevens for the title at Hotter Than Hell episode 19.


Finally it was announced, Reilly Davidson was in the works of resurrecting JCW and worked closely with ex-XBW performers Rabbit, Kavian and 5-Point (later Dizmal) jumpstarting the oncoming JCW/XBW warfare. As it was apparent Stevens would come to the aid of XBW, he defected straight to JCW, putting the Angel's Wings exclamation point on Deathwarrent, exhausted with the political state of the federation. With the acquired talent in JCW, Davidson invested in creating a JCW Championship and alternate broadcast to Revolution called JCW Revolution.

Kavian and Bob Hollywood embittered appertaining to relationship leading to a match at Breaking Limits episode 23, the same event where the historic "Mr. XBW" Deathwarrent and "Mr. TWFX" No Fear both representing their leagues had fought in a 2 out of 3 Falls match for supremacy gained by Deathwarrent. The Jesse James and Spardis feud also saw a final conclusion at the event for the XBW Title threatened to be taken back to Minnesota but luckily attained by Reaper who cashes in his Nemesis Memorial Cup Battle Royal correspondent championship opportunity, "smash-mouthing" and pinning an already fatigued Spardis. In Spardis' rematch clause, he comes up short before flying back to Minnesota again along with No Fear, who left with the XBW Hardcore Title as the Undisputed Hardcore Champion having held the XBW and TWFX Hardcore Titles.

Latterly, Reaper in an abominable act defects to JCW in betrayal of his friendship with Deathwarrent, heading a feud into Kings of Carnage episode 27 in a 20 Minute Anything Goes match. In the midst of that, Josh Dreamer was on the rise, accomplishing himself as a legitimate contender soon becoming King of Carnage at Kings of Carnage episode 27, targeted and assaulted by JCW but later going on to inevitably win the XBW Championship at Decadence episode 31. A dispute also brewed among 5-Point (JCW member) and Rabbit (former JCW member), who were former associates with 5-Point being Rabbit's bodyguard. Rabbit had pitched the challenge that transpired at Decadence in a brutal Hardcore match won by 5-Point.

Echoing off the heels of his disintegrated partnership with Bob Hollywood, Kavian was quickly promoted, successfully becoming first JCW Champion in the time that Reaper began realizing the crooked ways of Reilly Davidson, soon enough unleashing on the clique to return to XBW. Dreamer would have his XBW Championship to defend against a conceited Stevens as would Kavian have to defend against Deathwarrent at the last event Valencrimes episode 35. At that event, Stevens gains his fifth reign as XBW Champion and Deathwarrent seizes the gold from Kavian. The season marked the best year in XBW history and also the biggest decline near the end when episodes were constantly procrastinated for real-life responsibilities and when the announcement was virtually made that season 5 would become the last season ultimately leading to a fan drop. During the episode compilation process, XBW superstars attended another federation event entitled CWF Chaos IV. In addition, Jesse James shockingly retired, Dizmal was released during the year and a newcomer in Riot decided to call it quits before his tenure took off.

Season 5: 2008-present

In the scheduled final season kicked off by XBW owner Deathwarrent vowing big announcements that year, he is rapidly dispossessed of the JCW Championship by the authority of Reilly Davidson over his JCW brand reminiscing a flashback to season 2, episode 2 where Deathwarrent stripped Davidson of the XBW Title one episode after winning it. XBW had took a laid back done-it-all tone during the season which partially affected the product as production remained delayed but improved in product quality. Deathwarrent directed his attention to Ryan Steven's championship, extending a challenge gone declined but accepted after authorizing to pit Stevens against two handpicked opponents, who if he loses to any, will result in the title shot of Deathwarrent.

The XBW Hardcore Championship whereabouts came into question from "Sherlock Homeboy" J-Dizzle (formerly Jerico Drum) with the pre-allegations that No Fear took it to Minnesota which was hardly believed. Reaper and Chris Phoenix (now a team since Jesse James retired) plan to bring down JCW once and for all. McCloud made an comeback from last being seen in early season 4 with a new demeanor and style. Shortly, Reaper seeks comeuppance for his mistreat in JCW by heading in a feud with Davidson over the JCW Championship held by him after taking it from Deathwarrent and wins it in their Texas Death match II since season 3 to become an all-time championship holder in XBW. Stevens was forced to face his last handpicked opponent he had never defeated in his XBW tenure, revealed as newly-delegated XBW commishioner Shawn Hartless, an ironic dejavu occurrence to the previous In Memory Of annual supercard, but Stevens prevailed unpermitting Deathwarrent a title shot. Rabbit also stepped up and became XBW Maryland Champion.

Chris Phoenix after winning Nemesis Memorial Cup Battle Royal at In Memory Of 5.

Chris Phoenix goes on to win this annual's Nemesis Memorial Cup Battle Royal at In Memory Of 5. The demise of JCW emerges early when Davidson concedes failure consequently resulting in the replacement of the JCW Championship with the XBW Internet Championship. Meanwhile, Deathwarrent was relentless to take down Stevens for the title, a mission gone successful for the past two seasons, which witnessed a dramatic and personal XBW Championship rivalry between Ryan Stevens and Deathwarrent culminating at Total Chaos episode 7 for a victorious Deathwarrent to dethrone Stevens of the title becoming a 6-time XBW Champion.

Note: Final tapings of season 5 episodic events are currently remaining to be released.

XBW Reunion Show (2009)

On the XBW Wrestling YouTube account, a video announcing an XBW Reunion show on March 29, 2009 was posted. However, after finding a local facility with a professional ring to hold the event, the date has been postponed for further preparation and remains specifically unavailable. In addition, XBW Originals are most expected to appear at the event.

XBW Decline

A drastic plummet in the XBW fanbase happened consequently when XBW Wrestling experienced a devastating slouch in progress by the near end of Season 4 (2007-2008) which moved fans away from the product when episodes were untimely and procrastinated online despite the management giving a specific week of the upload as a result of slow status in editing that disappointed fans. The announcement in Season 4 that Jesse James was retiring and that Season 5 would officially become the finale season were other contributing factors that ensued a departure of many fans and forum members, not to mention the fact that the season would not entirely finish or conclude as envisioned by many because of real-life conflict.

Throughout all the seasons, however, XBW had slowed their rate of progress due to personal issues within the group off-screen (to be elucidated in the XBW Blood, Sweat and Egos Documentary) and personal life business, ending up having to inevitably milk the anticipation of upcoming episodes on the forum boards until it was completed. Moreover, as XBW wrestlers (who some were staff as well) have lives outside of the hobby they find delectable, they laboriously dedicated their time and efforts to ensure that in the end, the fans were contented with the events.

Other Information

The XBW forum was formerly hosted on Yet Another Bulletin Board (YaBB) forums before phpBB. It was known to have been an active community filled with big XBW fans, members and other backyard wrestlers. In addition, the XBW boards supplied a promotional sub-forum for alternative federations to gain some recognition. A notable event sponsored by the boards was NABWA Wrestlefest.

A XBW/TWFX association was hinted at the invasion angle by TWFX superstars, Spardis and No Fear in 2005 and 2006 (Season 3 and 4), where thereafter, both federations decided on creating a backyard connection, sharing a website and forum and behind kayfabe having established a friendly relationship.

XBW had a way for those to view an episodic repository called the XBW Vault. It began during the process which saw a hold of progression of contemporary episodes while the XBW site held off uploaded episodes to conserve bandwidth. The federation had previously tried to upload episodes on Google which never went according and thus will likely begin utilizing their YouTube account as a vault.


Championships Current champion(s) Date Won Event
XBW Championship
Season 5, Episode 7 (2008)
XBW Maryland Championship
Season 5, Episode 03 (2008)
In Memory Of
XBW Internet Championship
The Reaper
Season 5, Episode 07 (2008)
Total Chaos
XBW Hardcore Championship
Season 5, Episode 07 (2008)
Total Chaos
XBW Tag Team Championship
The Reaper and Chris Phoenix
Season 4, Episode 35 (2008)

Other accomplishments

Accomplishment Latest Winner Date Won Event
Nemesis Memorial Cup
Chris Phoenix
Season 5, Episode 03 (2008)
In Memory Of
Kings of Carnage Tournament
Josh Dreamer
Season 4, Episode 27 (2007)
Kings of Carnage

Defunct championships

Championship Final champion(s) Season created Season retired
JCW Championship
Season 4
Season 5

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