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SnR Wrestling
Acronym SnR
Established 2006
Folded 2008
Founder(s) Steve Weezy and Rosstaman
Style Backyard wrestling
Sports entertainment
Wrestling base Custom trampoline-ring
Location Lancaster, Wisconsin
Formerly SnR: WWE
External links SnR Wrestling on YouTube

Steve and Ross Wrestling (SnR) also known as Steve N Ross Wrestling or SnR Wrestling, was a backyard wrestling online-based promotion formed by Steve Weezy and Rosstaman who pulled double duty as founders and performers of the Northwestern federation. SnR allegedly began in 2003 but initially began promoting themselves in 2006 under the imitation of stars in World Wrestling Entertainment to create SnR: WWE. In 2007, they officially became an original backyard wrestling federation, appealing to several youths, pre-teens and adolescent fans via YouTube.

The federation was based in Lancaster, Wisconsin with a P.O Box Address for the production line of DVD sales, merchandise and other apparel. After broadcasting their final event in November, Last Stand in which was a LIVE free per view aired on, SnR promised a last show which was aired on June 27, 2009 called SnR Last Show. The SnR name is now continued under the independent recording label of Steve and Ross known as SnR Entertainment.



Steve and Ross Wrestling was said to undergo deep structuring and promotion to get kick-started as a Wisconsin-based internet promotion, which under the words of Rosstaman, initially began in 2003 much in the childhood period. In 2006, SnR would spread virtually, first considering to banner under Backyard World Wrestling Entertainment and various other names prior to the mutual decision by co-owners Steve Weezy and Rosstaman who labelled the federation after themselves as Steve and Ross Wrestling.

June 2006, co-owner Steve Weezy travelled abroad to visit his father in California, meanwhile co-owner Rosstaman constructed a trampoline-ring with the assist of his long-time friend, Jeff, which in its completion was presented in a 3 minute video via YouTube for the internet visionary of Weezy, allegedly averaging 1,000 views in a week's time, marking the ignition of the establishment.

SnR: WWE (2006-2007)

When Weezy returned to Wisconsin in late July, both co-owners organized SnR and started off as a product imitation of World Wrestling Entertainment, molding themselves after their favorite superstars but incorporating their own storylines all to create SnR: WWE holding shows using WWE's popular flagship broadcast name after their initials, SnR: RAW, consequently gaining numerous viewership.

They would follow through acting out as WWE performers until April 2007 that proved beneficial to their fanbase and popularity before SnR opted to launch their own original product. The original SnR took form when SnR refreshed their image and soon acquired a full gimmick roster of created characters. They promoted as SnR Wrestling (which was approved in a poll by fans when SnR considered a name change) with their sole internet wrestling broadcast uploaded weekly in the summer, SnR Meltdown.

SnR Wrestling (2007-2008)

Rosstaman posing atop the trampoline-ring turnbuckles.

Growth accompanied the product with its attraction to a 13-18 predominantly male demographic. SnR had considered to promote and hold shows in their territorial locality and omit live internet broadcasts, but decisively concluded on keeping to an established and supportive online audience. Rosstaman and Steve Weezy also maintained independent music careers at such time. During the SnR Wrestling era, the federation also captured the notice as being a well-presented product though all wrestlers lacked effectively in ability in preference of safety, but however, compensated with interesting storylines and gimmicks such as Rosstaman, Steve Weezy, Vanity and Primetime, four characters believed due to sheer resemblance to have always been 2 people playing the four.

The federation's biggest establishment was earned as seemingly the inaugural backyard wrestling promotion in the world to produce events live via stream (for two successful seasons) acquiring some profit for pay-per-view airings and DVD sales and viewed limitedly from all 7 continents of the world with a total 2,000,000 viewership count for their YouTube videos all coming from a result of manual mass web advertising.

Downward Spiral (2008)

Furthermore, SnR took a turn by September 2008 where Meltdown episodes started to become cancelled on the interpretation that academic involvements were constraining time as focus on their music careers became rather obvious. Further on, disappoint arrived with Co-owner Rosstaman soon announced that finality would come for the federation following their final event Last Stand which aired on November 4.

Following this, all apparel were auctioned off to fans in a special giveaway sale late that month. Adding more disappointment, fans would be dismayed when all videos were wiped from the YouTube channel with claim that the service removed them for copyright leaving their concert videos up, prompting internet opinion on both owners having used their federation for a platform to the music world.

A YouTube video was later broadcasted informing fans there would be one last show in spring 2009 that was forwarded to summer promoting a match between Rosstaman and Steve Weezy for the SnR World Heavyweight Championship.

SnR's Last Show (2009)

On June 27, 2009, SnR aired their final event called SnR Last Show. Noticeably, their trampoline ring dropped into some dilapidation to how it appeared before. The event featured 3 wrestling matches and the anticipated main event between Rosstaman and Steve Weezy for the SnR Title. After airing on for a handful of fans favoring bigger fan favorite Rosstaman to triumphantly win the title, the booking opposed the concept leaving Weezy as the last ever champion.

Final champions

Championships Current champion(s) Date Won Event
SnR World Heavyweight Championship
Steve Weezy
September 20, 2008
SnR Meltdown
SnR Lightweight Championship
Lance Dragonite
August 31, 2008
Breaking Point
SnR Hardcore Championship
August 16, 2008
SnR Meltdown
SnR Tag Team Championship
Steve Weezy and Rosstaman
November 2, 2008
Last Stand

Imitation Spinoffs

Since SnR folded, a few federations have come around in an attempt to emulate the success of the promotion, creating a similar-style names and trying to present a quality alike. These federations include:

Fan Community

The fanbase of SnR have been majorly loyal to the promotion and its owners in Steve Weezy and Rosstaman. Few even consider it their equivalent of WWE or NWA or an inspiration that desires them to wrestle themselves. Joey Kovar from MTV's The Real World: Hollywood has also fanned the product. Many fans had aspired to become an SnR star or host their federation's shows in the environment that SnR possesses. The most favored superstar in SnR was Rosstaman as several tend to morely follow behind him in preference to all other stars.

SnR Entertainment

Steve Weezy (Stevie Dub) and Rosstaman (Ross Quick) devise their own hits under the independent record label SnR Entertainment (or SnR Ent.), few which were used for SnR entrance themes and events. Both have collaborated on songs and performed on stage for small audiences, seeking to push their independent careers forward into the mainstream.


  • Fans from all 7 of the world's continents have visited SnR's site at
  • Fans from over 100 countries in the world have visited SnR's site at
  • There are 1700+ subscribers on SnR's YouTube Channel
  • SnR receives 20,000+ hits on each month.
  • 2,000,000 people have watched SnR Wrestling on YouTube.

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