Extreme Technical Trampoline Wrestling

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Extreme Technical Trampoline Wrestling
Acronym ETTW
Established 2006-present
Style Athletic and technical wrestling
Format Backyard wrestling
Wrestling base Base
Location New Jersey
Formerly Extreme Tech Wrestling
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Extreme Technical Trampoline Wrestling (ETTW) is a backyard wrestling federation which was started in 2006, although has roots connecting back to 2003.



ETTW previously stood for Extreme Technical Trampoline Wrestling, but abbreviated to initials over the long run. The internet public has often viewed the ETTW as a marquee trampoline federation when they once held matches on trampoline before incorporating the use of a base, and overall, a topflight backyard wrestling group.

The federation features top wrestlers such as Matt Demorest, Dylan Creese, TKO, and Glenn Evans to name a few. ETTW also plays host to its biggest event of the year known as Oblivion.


Championships Current champion(s) Date Won Event
ETTW Championship
Glenn Evans
ETTW Oblivion

ETTW Tag Team Championship: Jamie Anderson and TKO

ETTW Hardcore Championship: Patrick Poison

ETTW Light Heavyweight Championship (defunct)*: Glenn Evans

  • This championship was merged with the ETTW Hardcore Championship to form the ETTW Tag Team Championship. However, since then, the ETTW Hardcore Championship has been revived.



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