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3G March 11, 2234 (ES)
Truly everything the galaxy really needs to know


UISA's Secret Base

Sure the UISA government claims they never colonised Jupiter but readers, you heard it here first, they actually did and kept it a secret. The Jupiter's Core base exists. All that stuff about it being technologically impossible and too expensive was a load whaledrek designed to throw other countries off the scent. They were blowing smoke up our arse people. How do i know? Read on and all will be revealed

How did they do it?

No-one seems to know, certainly not any of the sources I talked to. It seems pretty impressive considering our "supposed" levels of technology. Maybe we're a little more advanced than we think (but that's for a whole other article, one conspiracy at a time).

What's it for?

No proof but maybe they're using it to get around the Treaty of New Iowa? As the saying goes "you're only breaking a treaty if the other parties find out you broke it"

How did 3G find out?

Sometimes drunk people say more than they should. We'll leave it at that. We will say that the UISA government tried to stop us writing this story but until we recieve a court order to remove it, we'll keep it available. Even if we do have to take it down, we'll try to maintain it somewhere so you, our noble readers, will always have access to the truth.

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