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Season 3 begins on Tuesday, January 27th of '09 on IFC!
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Welcome to Wkukpedia , the Whitest Kids U'Know fan wiki that anyone can edit.

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  • Welcome to Wkukpedia, the fan-created wiki about comedy troupe/show The Whitest Kids U'Know!
  • We are NOT The Whitest Kids U'Know, although maybe eventually they'll come on here. Someday. We can dream. (Trevor actually already visited back in the early stages of Wkukpedia. I have no idea about teh others...)
  • You can not edit or create articles unless you create an account. So please help the wiki by joining and becoming a Wkukpedian!
  • This website was made by Shaun. Please contact him for help or anything else.
  • Episode Guide (This is a guide to every season, every episode, every sketch.)

The Whitest Kids U'Know are:

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Welcome to Wkukpedia, the Whitest Kids U'Know fan wiki! You do not have to create an account, but if you do, you will be able to edit and create articles in Wkukpedia. Please do not use profanity or vandalise. Thank you, and enjoy Wkukpedia!

- Shaun

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