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Game-O-Rama is where a Night Market game where a camper and a counselor face each other in a random competition. The camper chooses the counselor he or she would like to challenge (out of 2-3 counselors manning the station), then randomly chooses one of several predetermined challanges. These challenges vary widely and could be athletic in nature, such as most pushups or sit-ups in 30 seconds, or could be random like balancing a spoon on your nose. The camper first bets a number of tickets and then choose a counselor to face. Then, the camper would randomly select a competition out of a cup. If the camper wins, he/she gets the amount of tickets he bid, and if he loses, he loses his tickets.

Previous challenges have included: Most Sit-ups in 30 seconds, Most Pushups in 30 seconds, Maintain the Horse Stance the longest (enforced by placing a saltine cracker on each participant's thigh), Sitting Toe Reach, Hardboiled Egg Race, Categories (the camper chooses a category and alternates with the counselor in naming words from that category; first to hesitate or repeat a word loses), Staring Contest, Saltine Cracker Eating (who can eat 6 the fastest), Water Drinking, Flip Cup, Spoon On Nose Balancing, One Leg Balance, Karate Kid Stance, Dizzy Racing, 360˚ Shirt Turn, Long Jump, Vertical Leap.

In 2003, Stephen Liang mispelled the "Game-O-Rama" sign to say Game-O-Gama. His nickname for that year was henceforth "Stev-O-Gama," a play on his prior nickname, "Stevo."

Memorable Game-O-Rama Events:


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