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Ruach AZA is the manliest, proudest, most sophisticated, well mannered, crazy, and awesome chapter in the history of the world. We function out of Brooklyn, NY. We are a part of the Big Apple Region.

Ruach has a Youth Leadership Training class, run by their adviser Spence Packer, from January to May. It is one of a kind in the international order.

31st Executive Board (2012-2013)

  • Godol - Sammy Ditchek
  • S'gan - Jeremy Wadowski
  • Moreh - Jeffrey Bernholz
  • Mazkir - Jacob Kaye
  • Shliach - Tomer Kornfed
  • Gizbor - Craig Cantor

30th Executive Board (2011-2012)

  • Godol - David Alperin
  • S'gan - David Abecassis
  • Moreh - Matthew Epstein
  • Mazkir - Sammy Ditchek
  • Shliach - Brandon Tenzer
  • Gizbor - Jeremy Wadowski
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