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Meshuganahs AZA #2172 of the Big Apple Region #12 is by far the craziest chapter in the Grand Order of the Aleph Zadik Aleph. The chapter meets every Wednesday from 7:30pm to 9:00pm at the Marathon Jewish Center in Little Neck, NY

The chapter was chartered back in 1995, with its original advisor being a man named Marc Cahn. Marc then left the chapter to go start a new chapter in Flushing, Queens, Leviticus AZA, and Meshuganahs' new advisor was a man named Gregg Gordon. After Gregg left to go start a new chapter, Jeff Sipinick became the advisor, until April of 2004 when his job relocated him to Tampa, Florida. After Jeff left, an alumni of Maccabees AZA, Adam Joseph, advised the chapter for the 2004-2005 programming year. Adam then left the chapter to pursue his master's -- (UTC)degree. For a few months, Meshuganahs was without an advisor, until Jack Friedman, the advisor of Maccabees AZA, decided to help the chapter rebuild, as it was a dying chapter. After Jack left in January of 2006, a former Regional Aleph Godol, Lawrence Nadel of Haganah AZA in Canarsie, Brooklyn, became the advisor, and is still with the chapter and is helping it rebuild. Currently the chapter's advisor is past Regional Godol Lawrence Nadel.

For the first time ever on LTI 2004, Meshuganahs AZA won the Regional Spirit Bat, which is the award for the chapter with the most spirit on a particular convention. That same year, as well as the year before, Meshuganahs won the Big Apple Region's Most Improved Chapter of the Year Award.

As the chapter shrunk to one member in Sept. 2007, the chapter climbed back to the top reaching:

8 members: June 2008

19 Members: June 2009

34 members: June 2010

One member of Meshuganahs AZA has been elected to the Grand Board:

Logan Miller 87th Grand Aleph S'gan and 88th Grand Aleph Godol

Seven members of Meshuganahs AZA have been elected to the Big Apple Region's Regional Board:

Ron Strum 25th Aleph Shaliach (2003-2004)

Zach Silver 26th Aleph Shaliach (2005-2006)

Daniel Greene 32nd Aleph Mazgiz (2009-2010)

Logan Miller 33rd Aleph S'gan (2010-2011)

Aaron Shepard 34th Aleph Godol (2011-2012)

Joshua Schulman 34th Aleph S'gan (2011-2012)

Jason Brillon 34th Aleph Shaliach (2011-2012)

Two members of Meshuganahs AZA have been appointed as Big Apple Regional Board Chairs:

Logan Miller (Aleph S'gan 2010)

Jason Brillon (Aleph Moreh 2010)

Currently Meshugnahs AZA has the most members of all of the Big Apple Region AZA chapters and has the best attendance on International Programs such as CLTC, IC, PeP, ILTC, Kallah, and Trek West.


CHAPTER MASCOT - Penguin (?-2008); Yoda (2008-2010) Kool Aid Man (2010-present)

THE TALLIS SONG- (words by Joshua Bogaty)(sung to tune of thong song) Oh that tallis looks scandilous and you know another jew couldnt handle it cause your shaking your thing like your jewish with a look in your eye for gifilta fish we like to dance to the haftorah all the prayers start with baruch ata not just jewish like my pops, cause we are living la vida kosher we got baruch for ata, ta ta, prayer from the to, rah rah, baby move your ya-yamulkah, i think ill davin again.




Past Aleph Godolim (Presidents) include:

Ariel Greenberg (2000-2001)

Josh Bogaty (2001-2002)

Ron Strum (2002-2003)

Kyle Reich (2003-2004)

Zach Silver (2004-2005)

Dan Vallejo (2005-2006)

Dan Fine (2006-2007)

Daniel Greene (2008-2009)

Logan Miller (2009-2010)

Joshua Schulman (2010-2011)

Scott Silver (2011-2012)

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