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cOOLdISC_aFTERmATH was the first mixtape released by DJ_Nerd42. It dropped in April 2007.


[edit] Where to get it

All mirrors point to the same file. Use 7-zip to open.

[edit] Artists mashed/remixed

  • Linkin Park / Fort Minor
  • DJ Manuel
  • Maylynne
  • See Saw
  • Utada Hikaru
  • Simple Plan
  • DJ Dangermouse / The Beatles
  • Lemon Demon
  • Weird Al Yankovic

[edit] Track list

(Linkin Park vs. Rogers & Hammerstein)
(Hybrid Theory/Cure for the Itch vs. The Sound of Music)
(Fort Minor vs. Maylynne)
(The Rising Tied/Remember the Name vs. Catch Me)
  • 03. [[.hack//PLC.4_Mie_HÃ�d]]
(Linkin Park vs. .hack//SIGN)
(Reanimation/Plc.4_Mie_H�d vs. .hack//SIGN/OST)
(LPJZ vs. Kingdom Hearts)
(Collision Course/Izzo/In The End vs. Dearly Beloved/Simple & Clean/Sanctuary)
(LPJZ vs. Super Mario Bros)
(Collision Course/Izzo/In The End vs. Overclocked Remix)
(Linkin Park vs. Blink 182)
(Reanimation/PPR:KUT vs. I Miss You)
(Fort Minor vs. Simple Plan)
(The Rising Tied/Where'd You Go vs. Crazy)
(LPJZ vs. DJ Danger Mouse featuring the Beatles)
(Collision Course/Numb/Encore vs. The Grey Album/Encore)
(Fort Minor vs. Linkin Park)
(The Rising Tied/Believe Me vs. Reanimation/Enth E Nd)
(Linkin Park vs. Fort Minor)
(Reanimation/Enth E Nd vs. The Rising Tied/Believe Me)
(Linkin Park vs. Weird Al)
(Meteora/Session vs. Straight Outta Lynwood/White & Nerdy)
(The Matrix vs. Weird Al)
(Rage Against the Machine/Wake Up vs. It's All About the Pentiums)
(Fort Minor vs. Lemon Demon)
(The Rising Tied/Slip Out the Back + Be Somebody vs. The Ultimate Showdown of Ultimate Destiny)
(Hidden track)

[edit] Burning instructions

I used Nero and turned ON the "normalize volume" and "remove space between tracks" options and it sounds really good. If this were a retail product (Which it most certainly is not - this is a hobby, nobody made any money off this in any way ever) then after track 13, I would put in exactly 28 tracks of 1 second silence each so that track 42 becomes a "Hidden Track" but actually what I usually end up doing to be practical is making it track 14 and putting some other music in there to fill up the space because I never like wasting space on a CD.

[edit] Artwork



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