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Xaviera Tytler is an American fashion model whose exotic heritage is a blend derived from Cherokee Indian, Thai and Spanish backgrounds. Even though she modeled throughout her entire college experience, it wasn’t something that she considered fun nor was it something that she took very seriously. But Xaviera knew she had the look, the potential and the will; it was only a matter of time and the right opportunity.


One day she was offered to model in a photo shoot for a well known local magazine in Miami. This job and experience not only changed her view of the modeling business but also prompted her to change her ticket from a round trip to a one-way. After working in Miami for just under a month, her agency decided to send her to New York City for a chance at bigger and better opportunities. And after living in New York City for only a month, she soon found herself as a model in Season 5 of Project Runway; hosted by Supermodel Heidi Klum. Even though she didn’t come out on top, she realized that the experience and knowledge she gained was invaluable. This soon led to her participation in New York fashion week and Couture fashion week and as a VJ hosting red carpet events and venues for 944 Magazine.

Early Years

Xaviera was born in Lagos, Nigeria on November 2nd, 1985 and grew up with seven brothers and sisters. Throughout the years she never missed the chance to participate in a variety of sports with her four competitive brothers. Whether playing volleyball and basketball or while leading the pack in track and field; her involvement in sports quickly led friends and family to dub her as a tomboy. Tomboy or not, she often describes herself as “a tomboy who can have girly qualities”.


Xaviera grew up in a large family that had a strong academic background. Her desire for knowledge and commitment to education led to her acceptance into the prestigious all-girl Catholic High School and Xavier College Preparatory in Phoenix, Arizona. However, due to a family move she did not finish there and ended up graduating at Shadow Mountain High School in Paradise Valley, Arizona. After high school, Xaviera attended the University of Arizona and graduated with a degree in psychology and a minor in business. Soon after graduating from the University of Arizona, Xaviera Tytler realized that she didn’t want to pursue the lifestyle that a typical 9 to 5 career offered.

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