Advantages of Online KSRTC Reservation

KSRTC stands for click here State Road Transport Corporation, which is owned by the Government of Karnataka. KSRTC was set up in 1961 with 1792 buses. Volvo buses were introduced for the first time, by KSRTC. It connects Bangalore to other cities in Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu and Maharashtra. The local transport provider in Karnataka is BMTC.KSRTC reservation is a very simple process. As, it is a form of public transport, hence, people do not face any difficulties in accessing this facility. Tickets can be collected in person, or can be booked online. Online booking in advance helps to avoid the problem faces by the travellers. Sometimes, travel agents help is also required in KSRTC reservation process. Passengers have to pay an extra charge of fifteen rupees for advance KSRTC reservation.The bus service is excellent. KSRTC Volvo is fully air-conditioned bus. It also provides with the facilities of semi-sleeper and other executive services. Rajahamsa is a non air-conditioned bus. Karnataka bus does not provide with any of the executive facilities.

Meghadoot air-conditioned is one of the best buses of KSRTC which has sleeper services also. Prices of the tickets of the above mentioned buses vary according to the facilities offered. Obviously, the journey becomes extremely comfortable in AC and sleeper buses.City, Journey date, bus can be chosen during the process of KSRTC reservation. 

Payment can be made by credit card or debit card in online KSRTC reservation. Passengers must carry a printout with them.The comments and response of many people regarding online KSRTC reservation have been tremendous and very encouraging. People feel that it has become extremely easy to book tickets online. The best advantage is that, they can see the schedule as well. They can choose the bus as well as the seat beforehand.

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