Travel Expenditures and Reimbursements




Travel Expenditures and Reimbursements

The travel expenditure and reimbursement system is fairly simple. There is very little the student needs to do, and if the student follows these pointers they should be well on their way. Here is the list of requirements and information on some items that need to be covered.


You don't need to save your reciepts when you go out to dinner (other than for your own records). Food costs are computed on a per diem/per meal basis. In other words, when you fill out your travel reimbursement form, you only write the county that you ate in, not the restaurant. Linda will fill in the allotted amounts per meal per day. You might want to find out before leaving exactly how much you get per meal.


Again, you don't have to save your reciepts, but it wouldn't hurt. The department reimburses you for mileage driven. So, reset your odometer at the start of the trip and write down the mileage at the end for reporting on your travel reimbursement form. Take note that the university policy requires a minimum of three people per vehicle in order to receive the reimbursement.

When renting a WSU car, ALL drivers need to see the staff in Sloan 201 when turning in your vehicle rental paperwork. Only those whom have their information given to WSU will be allowed to drive their cars. You can also check out a Voyager Gas Card. This allows you to purchase gas using this card. Make sure you keep the recipt for processing, this keeps track of the purchase made on this gas card. You can purchase gas at certain gas stations, this list is provided by the WSU motor pool. You can also purchase oil, coolant, etc., or anything pertaining to the vehicle. This is a convenient way of purchasing equipment without having to use money out of your own pocket.

If you are having to drive for longer than an hour then you should probably purchase an energy drink or coffee, or perhaps switch drivers, in order to ensure the safety of yourself and the other passengers.


You will have to keep the reciepts for any other travel costs you incur. Hotel, parking, etc. are things that you can claim. In order to get reimbursed YOU MUST HAVE THE RECIEPT and claim it on your reimbursement form.

If your reimbursement check gets lost in the mail call Linda. She will issue you another check that can be picked up in her office. The payment on the lost check will be cancelled.

Reimbursement Form

You can pick up a copy of the reimbursement form from Linda in Sloan 201 or print off a copy from the Wiki. To print from the Wiki you need to: right click, save target as, then open the file and print from the viewing program you use.

Here are the steps that need to be followed:

  1. Pick up the travel expense voucher or print off the linked reimbursement form from below
  2. Fill out the form by hand
  3. Submit the form to Linda
  4. Linda will make a typed version
  5. Recieve typed reimbursement from Linda ( after receiving email from Linda )
  6. Get typed form signed by Dr. Chuck
  7. Resubmit to Linda
  8. Linda will add in per diem amounts based upon the city you ate in
  9. Recieve check in mail

It might be easier to submit the entire group's forms at one time. This process will take some time so don't depend on the money to be there soon. Also, you will not be reimbursed for meals that you ate in or within 50 miles of Pullman.

The reimbursement form can be found here:Travel Reimbursement Form

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