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Known issues being worked on

  • MediaWiki needs upgrade (to 1.13 possibly)!
  • More extensions (new CheckUser, Oversight, user creation log...)
  • make image_logo_url by default protected
  • google maps not nearly working (but code formatting restrictions apply)
  • google map tag <googlemap ....> not working
  • Special diacritical marks under editbox
  • Formula editing for m and math tags
  • Add e-mail functions (Special:Emailuser)
  • Offer upgrades on disk space/noads
  • Email watchlists and feed reading doesn't work
  • Allow user backup (html/mysql)
  • Add info to control panel about domains->editthis
  • Provide TeX support


  • issue with upload system - permission error
  • Bring back active/popular wiki list
  • Unable to resize image - Image_resize_test
  • Add top wikis of day, week, month
  • add */index.php/* to mod_rewrite to correct for old urls

Previous fixes

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