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  • How come edits are not getting merged!? Many of my edits are gone (they are still in the history though) (Arnstein)
    • None of your edits is gone, AFAIK. When there is a conflict, it's the job of the later person to make sure he/she doesn't overwrite anything. I think Kshitij and Vipul have done this. --Shreevatsa 08:06, 5 November 2006 (EST)
      • Yup... but I thought MediaWiki should offer to merge the files like CVS does:)
      • We had done a complete reorganisation of the page and Arnold had made small changes. So we ignored his changes in our former edit and restored it in the next edit. I don't think we erased any of his comments. (Kshitij)

Smoking, Drinking and Doping

  • Will there be any bar on smoking, drinking and doping? (Vipul)
    • Where will we get drinks, cigarettes and drugs? (Achal)
      • Reply (Anirbit): It needs to be made sure that the above malicious activities are prevented totally.Concerned people please suggest ways to stop students from drinking, smoking and doping.
      • Reply to Achal (Vipul): Those keen on drinking, smoking and doping can always walk down to the SIPCOT Arch, get the necessary materials from the shops outside, and perform the activities outside itself.
        • Reply to Vipul, Anirbit (arpith) : It remains to be seen who decides what "malicious activities" consist of. rather than give the institution the right to decide wrong from right, the freedom to choose should be left with individual hostel residents. i for one, am completely against say CMI deciding beef eating will not be tolerated. on a more personal note, vipul and anirbit, you will not be forced to smoke or drink or get high, just because it is permitted in the hostel.
          • Though beef-eating is not on the same lines as doping, the fact remains that we would really appreciate if the new hostel doesn't demand stringent adherence to rules. (Jayanth)
        • Views (Ritwik) : Malicious activities are fun and should be continued within as well as without the hostel. Adults have every right to various activites. I don't see how smoking or drinking or doping in one room affects the moral fibre of others.
        • Who are u guys to decide whats right and whats wrong? People involved in fags, booze, dopes, et. al will take care of themselves. No ones gonna go into ur room and pump it with smoke or, traces of ethanol, leave alone cannabinol. So, stop discussing such topics and stop making authoritative statements, otherwise some of us wud b bound to start the same... (shouvik)
        • I don't want to comment on doping, because that is not permitted under the law of the land and CMI authority may land up in trouble if it is found out later. But, as far as I know, every adult Indian citizen is legally allowed to smoke and drink in there private premises. (I consider my hostel room to be a private place of mine.) If there is any rule that is going to come up against that, I shall consider that to be an encroachment into my rights. In that case, I shall also be forced to be unlawful and pour wine all over the hostel at my own cost and set fire to it. Stop me if any boss so big has yet been born. And I will do this irrespective of how big a majority vote is there against me. My challenge. (Arghya)
        • Bravo Arghya. Also wanted to make a small note that a rule like that would send the older people's ideas to grave who might have wanted to spend a little extra unnecessary hours around in the hostel. Please gaze at it and see that if you are okey with the addiction to caffeine, your repulsion to that of tobacco is nothing but a superstition-- which is your own, and not for the others to bother about. (Suman)
  • I was holding off commenting, but let me chip in now.
  • Firstly, I'm puzzled by the term "malicious activities". I seriously doubt whether anyone drinks with the explicit purpose of harming others, and whether taking drugs is really an effective way of doing so. I presume this term can be attributed to Anirbit's vocabulary and/or confusion of ideas, and should not be interpreted literally.
  • Personally, I couldn't care less whether someone else drinks or does drugs, as it doesn't directly affect me. Smoking, OTOH, does affect everyone, and to use the usual cliché, having a smoking section in the hostel is like having a peeing section in a swimming pool. No doubt it is enjoyable to many, but I would prefer the air I breathe to not be filled with smoke, and I hope most people will be considerate enough to grant me (and others) this luxury by lighting up only at a comfortably safe distance from the hostels. [1].Thanks, Shreevatsa 23:33, 6 November 2006 (EST) (I guess 200 metres should do by anyone's standards, but not being Anirbit, I don't want to speak on behalf of everyone.)
  • I (=Vipul) am not here to decide what's right and what's wrong for others. I do want to make the following requests:
    • Those smoking cigarettes/cigars/tobacco should ensure about the proper disposal of the stubs. Stubs should be properly put out. It will be nice if stubs are not found littering the corridors and toilets (I am sure most of the smokers among us take these precautions already, so this will not be a serious inconvenience). For this purpose, a proper bin for disposal of cigarette stubs could be provided.
    • People should avoid smoking in the toilet cubicles because the place tends to get fairly claustrophobic just after a person has smoked.
    • If a roommate objects to his/her roommate smoking, then the other roommate should refrain from smoking within the room. (Again, I am sure most people will cooperate in this respect).
    • Smokers/drinkers should be tolerant if special arrangements are not made to help them exercise their fundamental rights. For instance, we need not expect CMI to make special arrangements to keep a stock of cigarettes, drugs and drinks in the hostel. (I am sure very few of us have such expectations).


  • Will there be a hostel warden?
    • I hope so! (Anirbit)
    • I hope not! (Vineeth,Achal,Shiladitya,Ravitej,Arnold,Jayanth,vinay,Soumendra)
    • reply (Anirbit) : A hostel warden is an absolute necessity to prevent possible ruckus if it happens in the wake of a booze party (especially on the passing out days, diwali, end of year) etc... and also for day to day issues.
    • That entity is required for certain law abiding ( read fearing ) sheep like individuals... U dont need to break ur head head on booze parties. We generally mind our business. U b happy wid ur lovd ones. No harm shall b caused. Profs wont b staying there... hard luck 2 warden lovers. (shouvik)
    • reply(Anshul): Whatever happened to responsibility and self-policing communities?
      • Yes, where have all the sp-c' gone, long time passing..... (Soumendra)
    • AFAIK (Kshitij): There will be no warden, but there will be security guards outside the hostel. (IIRC, This was said during the first-years' orientation-cum-introduction programme)
    • actually to think of it..there should be a warden... it will be much more fun to have a warden with lots of rules and break them than not having ne rules!(achal)
    • having a warden will cost cmi...lets say 4000 a for a year it will be 48000...instead we can have 20 worldspace radios...which one do u prefer? (achal)
      • I spent those 48000 spent after a movie club. I already have worldspace.
  • Will there be a separate demarcation for girls' rooms? (Vipul)
    • Reply (Anirbit): Better phrase the question as "Will there be a "women's wing" in the CMI hostel?" with the added optimism that over the coming decades more and more ladies will be interested in doing maths, physics and computer science.
    • reply (arpith) : (at CMI)
    • reply (anonymous): I would much rather prefer that this one is not asked. I have frequently observed institutes with stupid rules (like for instance no entering a girls hostel after 8) and I have no idea what these rules achieve apart from stopping a few healthy discussions and study sessions. If the institute is not already planning a demarcation I wouldd rather do without one.
    • What will these "noentry after 8" kind of rules achieve anyway? I mean, jab miyan bibi razi, tab kya karega kazi? Where there is will there is a way. To quote Dr. Ian Malcolm from Jurassic Park, "Nature always finds a way." Because, you see, as Abbie Hoffman puts it, "The first duty of a revolutionary is to get away with it." The only thing we'll achieve is "stopping a few healthy discussions and study sessions," as my anonymous brother has pointed out. (Soumendra)
      • @soumendra: How do you know that was a "brother"? It may have been a female :) unless you already know who it is. (Vipul)
      • and even if it is a male, is it certainly a brother ?:/ (Suman)
        • (Soumendra) I apologise for the slip. As for a male not being a brother, I guess we have enough examples at cmi, so I'll not try to contradict that either.


  • suggestions for entertainment sources that CMI can (should?) purchase / make available for us (arpith, etc)
  1. table based
    1. foosball
    2. air hockey
    3. table tennis
    4. carroms
  2. sports
    1. Volleyball
    2. football
    3. badminton
  3. magazines/periodicals/comics
    1. the week, etc
    2. mad
    3. reader's digest
    4. scientific american
    5. MAXIM, DEBONAIR, etc. etc. (you get the general idea, don't you!!)


  • What about cycles? (How do you transport them?) (Anshul)
    • Suggestion (achal): you can organise a "cycling cmi" day :-)
      • (Anshul): You don't mean this seriously, right? --Anshulk 04:49, 6 November 2006 (EST)
        • obviously yes.... i dont have to cycle! :p
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